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Mar 14, 2010 - How Long Does it Take?

Once again this weekend the fairgrounds was a busy place, Saturday and Sunday the 1/8 mile track had a large open show and the speedway was open for practice again. The dog show was a two day event and the roller skating rink was booming away as usual both days. Saturday night the Madera Community Hospital had their big dinner and dance fund raiser at Hatfield Hall. Of course Sunday was the flea market and they drew an incredible crowd because Sundays weather was clear skies and a balmy 72F. If anyone should ever ask you how long does it...

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Mar 13, 2010 - Fly Ball Dog Meet

Clear blue skies this morning, but it is 39F with the wind coming out of the north at twenty to twenty five MPH. It is that time of the year here when this type of weather raises hell with anyone who has allergies, that includes the both of us. We hit a few yard sales this morning where Mary got some more stuff for the raffle baskets for next week ends St Patrick Day corned beef and cabbage lunch and bingo. This afternoon we walked over to the livestock area where they were having a fly ball dog meet. At this one there are two lanes with...

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Mar 12, 2010 - Another day, Another Game of Bingo

Today started out with clear blue skies with a chance of rain predicted for the evening, what we ended up with is heavy rain from 6PM until midnight. I won a split pot at bingo this morning so we have enough to play for another day or so before hitting up the quarter machine again. In the morning we play five games for a dime a card in the afternoon we play between twelve and fifteen games for a nickel a card. I play four cards and Mary plays six so depending on how many games Mary plays we spend five to twelve dollars a day. Depending on...

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Mar 11, 2010 - Quarter Machine Pays Off

Not very many people at the Center today, everyone at our table had at least one bingo today except me, is it a conspiracy? Ordered eighteen cabinet latches through e-bay this afternoon, the coach has eighty four latches of which I have already replaced eleven. I also bid on a couple of new style exhaust fan vent covers, I'll find out next week if I get the bid. Mary is over at the Laundromat washing the bed spread, shams and hitting up the change machine for quarters to play bingo with. At least the change machine at the laudromat is...

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Mar 10, 2010 - Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

We were surprised to wake up this morning to find that we had a pretty good rain last night because neither one of us heard it rain during the night. Looks like the flash drive is going to be the answer to transferring all my Senior Club files, now the trick will be to find someone who knows how and wants to keep up the computer files. Dick Muetze called today to invite us up to San Jose for the weekend of the 27th. Dick was my factory rep when I first stated with Trane, since 1985 he has been the general manager for Fix Air the Trane Parts...

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Mar 9, 2010 - No We Didn't Get Evicted

Beautiful clear blue skies this morning but a chilly 37F with a forecasted high of 59F today. When we got back to our coach this afternoon we had a notice on our windshield telling us we had to move, no we didn't get evicted. All the coaches here have to move to another spot so the grounds keepers can get the area where we are are currently parked can be mowed and sprayed with weed killer. Gasoline prices are back up again I paid $3.04 a gallon to fill up the car today.

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Mar 8, 2010 - My Favorite TV Shows

Today we had what I remember a Madera storm to be, big black clouds rolled in, the wind picked up, the temperature dropped but all we got was a few sprinkles. Fortunately Mary won one game at bingo today and I won one and a half because our bingo kitty was down to $1.15. A couple of my favorite TV shows are on tonight, American Pickers and Pawn Stars.

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Mar 7, 2010 - Homemade Cabbage Rolls

Today is a good day, Mary has made up a roaster full of her homemade Cabbage Rolls for lunch while we watch the NASCAR race. Probably should have washed the coach this afternoon but being the procrastinator I am that urge soon passed. After the race we went for a walk through the flea market then over to Wal-Mart to pick up a 2GB flash drive. All the records I have created the last few years for the Senior Club are on my computer and saved as Microsoft Excel and Word. There doesn't seem to be anybody with Microsoft Office on their computer...

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Mar 6, 2010 - Mary's in Her Element

Mary was definitely in her element this morning, numerous garage sales listed in the paper and she still needs to find baskets and gifts for the club raffle. While Mary took her afternoon nap I walked over to the racetrack where they were having a practice day at Madera Speedway. There's nothing like the sound of a late model race car and the smell of Trick racing fuel, it's almost intoxicating to a raceaholic like me.

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Mar 5, 2010 - You Should Never Go Back

Every morning we have two Canadian Honker geese that come to feed in the field about 50 yards from where we are parked, it's interesting how when one has its head down feeding the other is heads up on the lookout and they take turns at doing this for a couple of hours every morning. We drove by our old house this afternoon, what a disappointment. When we lived there we had one of the nicest yards in the neighborhood now the trees and shrubs are untrimmed and the yard was not mowed with weeds growing everywhere, I wish we hadn't drove by.

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Mar 4, 2010 - Visa Card Decilned Again

We had lunch with the Central Coasters RV Club in Clovis today, on the way we stopped by Airgas where I exchanged my 20cf nitrogen bottle for a 40cf bottle. I've been screwing around looking for a 40CF bottle on Craigs list for the last couple of months not wanting to pay more than $50, turns out the exchange at Airgas only cost me $41. After lunch we stopped at the 99 cent store, Big Lots and two thrift stores because Ruby still doesn't have a car and Mary volunteered to do the shopping for the raffle baskets items. This evening on our...

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Mar 3, 2010 - Down side of Rain

Rain was forecasted for yesterday and today, for the most part yesterday was partly cloudy and today started out the same but from 1PM until 5PM it has been a virtual downpour. Now I don't mind when it rains but!! since we've been here I can't get better than a 72% DirecTV signal when we have clear skies and because of that every time it rains we lose the signal which makes Mary very unhappy and if Mary isn't happy nobody is.

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