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Nov 8, 2012 - Big Night Of Bingo

I found a Tascam guitar/bass trainer on Craig's list to help me with my banjo practice so while Mary was at the senior center for bingo I went into Fresno to pick it up and also pick up the solenoids that I ordered yesterday. This evening Ray, Mary and me went up to Table Mountain Casino to play bingo because I could get a loaded machine at half price to play for my birthday. We got up there about an hour early with me and Mary both losing about twenty dollars while Ray won a few before it was time to play bingo. The good news is that Mary...

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Nov 7, 2012 - Back To Her Winning Ways

I went into Fresno to pick up our mail and order a part for the coach. Mary went to the senior center for the morning and afternoon bingo sessions, she has been winning enough to more than cover her costs. The weather has been great since we got here upper seventies during the day and lower fifties at night.

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Nov 5, 2012 - Bergon Senior Center

We both went to the morning bingo session at the Bergon Senior Center, It was great to see old friends and catch up with the latest, everyone sure made us feel welcome and wanting to know if we were coming back for good. Mary stayed for the afternoon session and won a jackpot while I went into Fresno Guitar City to buy a strap for my banjo but couldn't find anything I liked.

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Nov 4, 2012 - Farmers Market

Saturday and Sunday they have a farmers market/flea market here at the race track parking of the fairgrounds, we sure miss the variety, prices and freshness of the fruits and vegetables available here as we travel across the country. After lunch we got caught up with the laundry then Mary took a nap while I watched the AKC registered dog agility trials being held here at the fairgrounds.

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Nov 2, 2012 - Feels Good To See Green

Hooked up the car last night so we could get off to an early start but ended up unhooking this morning because it was so tight getting out of the park. Quite a contrast going from the Mojave that is virtually barren except for huge solar and wind farms then crossing over the Tehachapi's and dropping into the lush green central valley of orchards and vegetable farms. Stopped by the Trane office in Fresno for a short visit with old co workers. We were into the Madera Fairgrounds and set up in time for Mary to call Eldamira for a hair...

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Mar 15, 2011 - Getting on the road

Well, we got off this morning, in the pouring rain. Had to hook up, finish loading and get the rig ready to roll. Our estimated time of departure was 9 AM and right at 9 AM we were rolling down Skyway Charlotte with her Chai tea and me with a can of diet 7UP in our hands (or can holder for me). The beginning was pretty wild with the rain pouring down and the wind blowing, pushing me around some. The we had a plastic bag that covered the portable generator starting to come off in the wind so we had to stop under an overpass to take care of...

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Apr 1, 2010 - Happy Birthday Mary

Today is our last day at the center, tomorrow morning we leave for Sacramento. Our luck at bingo was still holding out because Mary had one bingo and I had two. For Mary's birthday today we had birthday cake, ice cream and sang "Happy Birtday to You" a couple of times, she received a few gifts and cards, one of the cards was signed by most of the seniors. Everyone wished us well but most said they hated to see us leave. This evening we went up to Table Mountain Casino where Mary could play bingo for half price for her birthday, last year...

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Mar 31, 2010 - I Asked For A #2 Buzz

Neither one of us won this morning but we both won this afternoon, it's getting to the point that we have to carry our bingo change bag under our arm because it's too heavy to carry by the handles. Mary had a hair appointment right after bingo so I went along, while I was there waiting I decided I was also about due for a haircut so I asked for a #2 buzz, I think I might have got a #1 buzz. Once again we had a couple of showers again today, the high for last couple of days has been in the low fifties but the wind feels like it blowing off...

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Mar 30, 2010 - An Incredible Day Of Bingo

Mary had one bingo in the morning and then she won another two and a half pots in the afternoon while I won the big 25 cents a card final blackout game. It's a good thing we are leaving Friday because we have been winning so much lately that they are about to run us out of town. A couple of rain showers today but it didn't do much more than wash the dirt out of the air and make a mess of the car.

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Mar 29, 2010 - I'm Not Her Bad Luck Charm

I just kicked back this morning and watched the NASCAR race I'm glad it was postponed until today because it was a good race I'm glad I got to watch it. Mary spent the day at the center, apparently I'm not her bad luck charm at bingo because I wasn't there and still she didn't win. I did manage to get my vent covers installed, the first one took about an hour the second one took about twenty minutes, only took one trip to Home Depot.

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Mar 28, 2010 - Maine Coon Cats

They have two Maine Coon Cats, the male is about twenty five pounds and the female is about twenty pounds so we had to keep our door closed unless we wanted to share the bed. We never did get in the second game of dominoes, too busy talking I guess. After going out for Sunday brunch we headed back home, once again the temperature is in the upper 70's, what a beautiful day for a drive plus it is also very scenic drive. I had thought we would be back in time to watch the end of the NASCAR race but it was rained out so I'll stay home tomorrow...

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Mar 27, 2010 - Mexican Train

Up early for our trip to San Jose, it is about a 100 mile drive west of here across the San Joaquin valley through the coastal range down into the Santa Clara valley, to San Jose. We had a very enjoyable visit with Dick and Susie, a couple of the high spots of the day was that they taught how to play Mexican Train dominoes and going out to dinner at their favorite local Mexican restaurant.

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