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Apr 21, 2013 - Skydivers over Sixty world record attempts Lake Elsinore, CA

We drove from Las Vegas to Lake Elsinore in Southern CA so I could participate in the SOS(Skydivers over Sixty) world record attempts. The plan was to build a 72 person freefall formation out of 4 airplanes. Everyone on the skydives had to be at least 60 years old. Several people were well into their seventies. Everyone had many hundreds, or many thousands of skydives! I made 19 jumps over 9 days. The last twelve were part of the practice and actual record attempts. The old record was(and still is!)60. We built several formations that were...

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Feb 4, 2012 - More shopping

not much to report on. went shopping over at Lake Elsinore, found out where the Medifee Golf course is. went to costco and stoked up on stuff. but we got here with the help of JILL, ah hem, she sure takes us different ways. we came home a different way, along hwy 74, right to our RV park. Had lunch at Farmer Boys. one of the best burgers I've had, WHY, not greasy and burp all day($6.00). if you like their service you ring the big bell, and all the employees YELL out "thank you". Pat went to the OUTLET MALL, eg manufacturer to customer, like...

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Nov 5, 2011 - Rain WOW !

I checked, we have not seen rain in over a month and not since we got to California. Well yesterday we had a raining cool day. But that didn't stop us from having fun. The day started with us sleeping in until 9:30. We can't remember when we last did that. No travel and the camper was off the truck. After lazying around we took a walk but it started to rain again so we opted for the big honkin' dually and drove around Lake Elsimore. I read that there was a minor league baseball team here and the stadium was on our circuit. As Shirley is...

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Nov 4, 2011 - The Lakers

Well the NBA is on strike and we are laking it at Lake Elsinore CA. Just a little basketball humor. We have a site with lake view but it is raining for the first time since we were in Washington State a month or so ago. We took a relatively short ride from the Lance Service Center parking lot down between the mountains in the desert. Glad we timed it right, this bad weather was calling for snow and extremely high wind gusts (75 mph)which would have made travelling very risky. But we are here, it was beautiful again yesterday. We are staying...

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Apr 7, 2011 - Lake Elsinore, CA/Temecula

Here after taking Curt & Linda to airport. Visiting my oldest friend (from CTS in Chicago), Joe/Jeff Jewett & partner/wife, Noree, & sidekick, Phil (their dog). Always wonderful to re-establish connection with a soulmate, one with whom I have no trouble talking about my deepest, private thoughts! I feel priviledged, even endebted to Joe, someone who understands me at such an intimate level.

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Dec 26, 2009 - Lake Elsinore

Visit to my friend from Chicago Theological Seminary, Jeff 'Joe' Jewett and wife, Noree and dog friend, Phil. Had dinner with their friends, Tom & Mary...Tom had been in the Peace Corps Dominican Republic 1967-69! Wow! Great conversation, walks, and hearing about Helen Schucman/Bill Thetford - A Course in Miracles...we were VERY pleased to visit and converse with Jeff & Noree!

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Sep 11, 2009 - Lake Elsinore, CA

About an hour and a half from Seal Beach, Lake Elsinore is where we met up with Hank's (newly found) cousin Therese & her husband Doug. They have an rv & hope to be able to retire to full-time rv'ing soon. As with the new found relatives in Tucson, it was great to meet them, look at family photos together (both theirs & ours), & get to know them. Therese looks a lot like her mother Jean. You can also see some family resemblence in Hank & Therese. We got here on Friday in the typical heavy So. Calif traffic. We don't understand how people...

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Mar 21, 2008 - Day 48: One last quest for the quail before we "qut" our losses and quit!

Happy 21st birthday, Erin. Here’s hoping for a wonderful and memorable celebration in Scotland. A very early start to head north to southeastern Orange County to Camp Blue Jay on the continuing quest for Mountain Quail. We arrived at the camp that is at about 4000 feet elevation at 7:30am. A walk around the campground yielded the usual birds we’d been seeing every time we are in the mountains. We heard far-off Mountain Quail so took off up a road to higher elevation. After spotting two quail as they flew away, we had repeated Mountain...

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Feb 20, 2008 - Lake Elsinore

Hi, we are in Lake Elsinore and visiting with Sean and Susie. Just been out for a meal. We have not been able to update the journal because our laptop has broken!!!! Will get it sorted soon and then will update you all on everything we have done over the past few days. Love to all xxxxxx

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Feb 17, 2008 - Just about ready to go

I'm busy getting last minute things in order. Mail Forwarding Service, Internet card for the computer and things like that. Hopefully I'll be leaving the first week of March. My plan is to post pictures and just a general description of my travels for my kids and friends that are interested. Hope you come back in March and go with me on my trips!

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The Long Road Ahead

Sep 20, 2007 - gonna see lj today

well its been a month since our last entry we have been traveling and having fun and didnt get around to typing.saw aunt dolly kris and keith denise and jeff and today going to see lj he was suppose to graduate today but got hurt so he gets to stay an extra month we are camped at lake eilsinor this time and hopefully we will start typing more and more

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