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Aug 5, 2010 - Carson City, Reno and Lake Tahoe Nevada

Carson City was named after the Carson River by city father Abraham Curry in 1860. In 1861 the Nevada Territory was formed, and Carson was made its capital. Nevada was granted statehood on Oct. 31, 1864. Of the 17 counties in Nevada, only Carson City and Virginia City have remained county seats since the beginning of statehood In 1859, gold prospectors hit silver in the hills east of Carson City. The Comstock Lode, as it was called, was the largest silver find in world history. Tens of thousands of miners poured into Carson City and...

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May 18, 2010 - The Pre-Trip Begins

We have began the hardest job of all for any trip, preparation. The lists that we made in the winter while we were sitting around the house, thinking of all the things we needed to complete before we leave now seem never ending. Stop the newspaper, the mail, shut down the utilities to a minimum, refill prescriptions, vet appointments for the pets, service the RV and the truck, etc. Slowly we have been completing the list one by one. As we get closer to the departure date (May 31st) the lists are getting smaller. I just fear that we have...

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Jul 21, 2009 - Change in Plans

We have suspended the trip and will continue at some time in the future. Right now we are needed at home in Arizona so thats where we will be until further notice in this journal. We really enjoyed the route we covered and we both agree that Logan Utah was our favorite. We probably will go directly to Logan next summer and skip Prescott Valley. Thanks for tagging along with us on this summers Wild West Adventure. We are now home safely and sleeping in our own bed. Garry, Judy, PeeWee and Grace.

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May 4, 2009 - The Plan

Judy and I are excited for our May 21st departure date to arrive and to begin our summer adventure. We have been planning the route and looking at attractions, RV parks and weather maps along the road to Logan, Utah. Our first stop will be at Orchard Ranch RV Park in Dewey,AZ. There we will meet up with friends that we met last summer. The park has tree shaded sites, swimming pool, recreation center and lots of friendly people. We will stay here until June 21st. When we leave Dewey we will be heading north toward Flagstaff and then Page,...

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Feb 12, 2009 - Apache Junction, AZ

We have arrived and set up camp at Superstition Buttes Mobile Home and RV Park. This is our fourth or fifth time here. To the west of our site are the Superstition Mountains, named because of The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. The legend of the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine centers around the Superstition Mountains. According to the legend, a German immigrant named Jacob Waltz discovered a mother lode in the Superstition Wilderness and revealed its location on his deathbed in 1891 to Julia Thomas, a woman who had taken care of him for many years....

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Feb 8, 2009 - Friends

I have not mentioned all the fiends and missionaries we have visited along the way, I wanted to share the sum of my thoughts a bit differently on this subject. I don't want to leave anyone or couple out - for each reunion, each encounter, each opportunity to visit, share, deepen the caring and widen the love among friends is the glue of traveling. Where there is a friendship, there is a medicine for life, there is a warm beauty from the heart across the hugs, the history and the commitment of friends. We have not traveled far on this trip,...

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Feb 6, 2009 - * Suprise in Suprise, Arizona

There is a place in Arizona where the sun gives more then warmth. Surprise Arizona along with all the towns surrounding this growth center have many things in common, but one thread of consistency is more common - growth and in large amounts! Barb and I have been traveling to this area for several years and each time we come here, we see more and more construction, traffic and activity that from the last time. Whoever said there was a recession or economic depression did not tell Arizona, especially around the Surprise area! Where there...

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Jun 25, 2008 - Introduction

While I flew out to California for a week visit with my daughters and grandkids the trailer has been at Sun City RV for service on the water pump. The pump was making such a racket that it wasn't acceptable. We up-graded to a Whisper King model by Shurflo. This new pump is very, very quiet. I will pick up the trailer on Thursday June 26th and we will begin packing for the summer. We leave Sun City West on June 28th for the month of July. We will be in Dewey, AZ at the Orchard Ranch RV Resort. We have stayed at this age restricted rv resort...

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Jun 23, 2008 - Getting Ready

Well ... here we are three days to go. Sue has been busy provisioning .... there have been deals on cold drinks and can goods. Tomorrow we bring the MH over to the house and start to load any non-perishables - clothes, canned goods, etc. etc. Thurday morning we'll load up the perishable foodstuffs and hopefully be on the road late morning toward our first stop - Yuma, AZ.

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Jun 2, 2008 - Anticipation

Today, Monday June 2, 2008 is the first official day of not ever going to work again! I took advantage of the free day and delivered my load leveling hitch to my friend Roger. He bought it to use on the trailer that he uses to haul his custom PT Cruiser to various car shows. Check out our car club at AZ Cactus Cruisers This week will be devoted to conducting business with the newspaper,US Post Office and getting the dog his shots so he can have his teeth cleaned. What the heck? we had our teeth cleaned so he has to suffer some too. Last...

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