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Jun 19, 2007 - GRAND CANYON NORTH RIM, Jacob Lake, AZ

From Jacob Lake AZ scenic byway 67 to road's end at the North Rim is a pleasant 44 miles. It flows thru beautiful alpine scenery including a vast forest of pine, fir and aspen interspersed with lush meadows known as the Kaibab Plateau. There is a sense of wild isolation and remoteness from the crowds at the South Rim and an ease of exploring the hikes and spectacular viewpoints along the way. There are three developed roads to viewpoints on the North Rim. First we headed to Bright Angel Point where all the major attractions are located. The...

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Apr 7, 2006 - Grand Canyon, AZ

The Grand Canyon. We had read about it and heard about it, but I know now that we weren't prepared for the actual hugeness of it. And certainly it's beautiful and awesome and powerful, but mostly it's big. Really big. We learned that it's really about 270 miles long and varies in width up to about 16 miles across and came into being a long time ago. We took many, many pictures but it's one of those "see it to believe it" kind of things. I hope all of you who haven't get to see it. And the next time we see it, we'll go down into it and hike...

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May 31, 2005 - Grand Canyon NP, AR and Zion NP, UT, USA

According to Toby Ziegler on the West Wing, the Grand Canyon is the only thing in life that isn't a disappointment (I can't remember the exact quote, but it's something like that). I can't say that agree, though. Maybe it was because we drove 5 hours to get there, got out of the car for an hour, then turned around and drove 5 hours back to Vegas. Or maybe it was because we went to the less popular North Rim instead of the more famous South Rim. Or it could be a year of seeing every natural wonder under the sun. Whatever the reason, I was...

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