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Apr 21, 2015 - Four Corners (Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico)

We got to 4 Corners around 2 pm and took some pics. Nothing much there except for the 4 Corners medallion and some sitting area. Not a lot of people there on our visit. Al surprised everyone, including me, when he laid down for a spread eagle pose as I snapped his pic. We decided to head off to Cortez, CO since I've never been in CO and this was the closest we would get to going there. We arrived at La Mesa RV Park around 3:30 pm and paid for 1 night.

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Apr 21, 2015 - Canyon de Chelly South Rim Drive & 4 Corners

4/21/15 (Tuesday) We headed out on our Canyon de Chelly South Rim drive at 9:30 am. We stopped at all the overlooks (7 total) and hike in at a few. The Canyon is at a much smaller scale compared with the Grand Canyon. For this reason, we could more easily visualize how it was formed. Fantastic views of the canyon and several Pueblo ruins situated on the ledges of the canyon. We completed our drive around 12:30 pm and pulled off of Hwy 191 to have sandwiches for lunch. We got to 4 Corners around 2 pm and took some pics. Then it was off to...

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Oct 16, 2013 - Tour of Our Lady of Fatima Church

Cathy next took us to see Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Chinle, Arizona. We were lucky that the Pastor, Father PJ (Florecito Pabotoa, Jr.), showed up as we were wandering around the church. Cathy knows him and so he opened the church for us and gave us a private tour. This is an interesting church as it honors both Catholic Christianity and traditional Navajo spirituality. Franciscan priests came to Chinle in the 1890's. They established their first church here in 1905. In the 1980's the diocese decided to build a new church. By...

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Sep 29, 2013 - Leaving the White Mountains and Exploring Canyon de Chelly

It took a lot of mental energy to extricate ourselves from our happy little site in Pinetop. We really settled in there. The campground was funky and the owner a real delight. We liked the little town too. Just the right mix of interesting shops, antiques, regular shopping and services, and some very nice restaurants. There were plenty of birding opportunities and if you’re into hiking and the outdoors (not us) you would love it here. Besides our own community of Pinetop-Lakeside and nearby Show Low, there were a lot of other interesting...

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Sep 17, 2013 - Welcome Back To Arizona

Four Corners - where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado meet. The surveyors found the exact spot and it just happens to be on Navajo land. Years ago when Tom and I came with the kids, the spot was marked by a simple plaque. Now it's a whole big tourist attraction. Three dollars to the Navajo Nation and you can put your hands and feet in all four states at one time. Surrounding "the spot" are vendors selling all things native American - jewelry, paintings, carvings etc. Ninety miles or so down the road is Canyon De Chelly ( d'shay). I...

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May 14, 2013 - Inside Canyon de Chelly - Jeep Tour

After seeing the beauty of Canyon de Chelly and it amazing indian ruins from the north and south rims, we decided to take a jeep tour of the canyon. There are over 80 Navajo families that still farm in the canyon during the spring, summer and fall. DJ our Navajo guide family owns land in the canyon. Even though the Canyon de Chelly is on Navajo Reservation, the Native American Indian Ruins within the canyon are protects by the National Park Service and are preserved by them. We saw indian ruins you could not see from the rim and we went to...

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May 13, 2013 - Touring Canyon de Chelly from the rim

We drove the north rim in the morning, the Canyon took on different colors, hues and vistas as you move from place to place. In the afternoon we drove along the south rim, again a totally different perspective, the most spectacular view was spider rock, this monolith was seen is a Chevrolet commercial. If you do visit Canyon de Chelly visit the north rim in the morning and the south in the afternoon, the lighting for pictures is best. After seeing the canyon from the rim, we decided to take the jeep trip into the canyon the next day. It...

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May 12, 2013 - Chinle, Arizona

Our next adventure was Canyon De Chelly National Monument, near Chinle Arizona. The monument, established in 1931, consists of tribal trust land held by the Navajo Nation. Many native families still live within the canyon, where they raise sheep and grow crops — apricots, plums, peaches, cherries, watermelon, squash, corn and beans. Some families supplement their income by selling jewelry and other handcrafted items to tourists. There are two major canyons in the monument: Canyon de Chelly (pronounced “d’shay,” from the Navajo word tseyi,...

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Oct 15, 2012 - Canyon de Chelly

Canyon de Chelly is a beautiful deep canyon in the heart of the Navajo Indian reservation. The park service makes it easy to explore the rim of the canyon but there is only one hiking path to the bottom. All other access requires a Navajo guide or a tour. The observation areas along the rim all have vertical walls up to 700 feet straight down. Amazing to see and very hard to capture with images (just like the Grand Canyon). While walking along the rim I've had Buddy tethered to me and that has worked well. There are many signs warning about...

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Sep 19, 2012 - Hubbell Trading Post and Canyon De Chelly

The Hubbell Trading Post is the oldest operational trading post in the US. The Navajo woman making the rug will take about 4 months to make the rug and it will be valued at about $5K. The detail is awesome. She sits like that for hours a day. Ahhh!!! Canyon De Chelly (pronounced D'Shay) National Monument is 36 miles long and has ancient Anasazi and Puebloan ruins dating back many hundreds of years. Even though it is in Arizona, the land it owned by the Navajo Nation and occupied by the Navajos. The Mummy Ruins date back to the 1300s. There...

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May 12, 2012 - Chinle, AZ

Hi everyone! We traveled to an area of AZ called Chinle.It is in the middle of the Navajo reservation and has Canyon De Chelly there. The canyon is a very cool place with really neat rock formations and colors. The Indian people have lived there for well over a thousand years. We were able to explore the canyon and hiked to the canyon floor. Not bad for a couple of flatlanders, but the trip back up was breathtaking to say the least. The campground we stayed at was very primitive. No hooks up of any kind. The family that owns it have been...

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May 2, 2012 - North Rim Drive

This morning we took a drive along the North Rim. Massacre Cave overlook has a sad story. It was from this vantage point that the Spanish soldiers may have fired upon the Navajos during the infamous "massacre of 1803". Spanish accounts describe a battle against Indians "... entrenched in an almost inaccessible point ..." and the killing of 90 warriors and 25 women and children. The Navajo, however say many men were away hunting at the time. Thus the dead were mostly women, children, and old men who had sought refuge from the invaders. The...

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