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Aug 21, 2018 - Ninilchik

On Thursday we drove about 45 miles to Ninilchik. This is a small town on the coast on Cook Inlet and is a salmon and halibut fishing location. On Friday we went salmon fishing on the Kasilof River about 25 miles north of Ninilchik with a guide from the campground, Alaskan Angler Resort with AFISHHUNT Charters. We were fishing with a couple from Bowling Green, KY, anong with the guide. We were in a small wide gull boat floating down the river. The weather was 38 on the way to the river but the winds were calm and the sky was clear. Although...

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Jul 24, 2018 - Anchorage/Ninilchik and Fly in Bear Watching

Another beautiful drive from Anchorage, down through the Kenai Peninsula and into Ninilchik. The mountains continue to be breathtaking. The Alaska Mountain Range is one of the most interesting we have seen. The rivers that feed into Kachemak Bay are also amazing. Many of them being fed by glaciers, the color of the water is a real pretty blue. We traveled down along the edge of the bay which is very interesting. The tides in a couple of areas come in so fast that people can actually surf the waves. I hope we get to see that. Funny how a...

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Jul 23, 2018 - Working our way to Ninilchik

Pete & Roger wanted to get some fishing in, so we moved on to Ninilchek, we stayed at Scenic View RV Park where we had booked a weeks stay. However, our first night there, was our only night there...we had no cell service & we were really to far removed from everything. The park was tiny, but we do admit that the view was beautiful.

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Jul 23, 2017 - Ninilchik

NINILCHIK: (Jul 11-23) Headed on to Anchorage and hung around there for a week. We’ve found that we need some down time occasionally, as it’s too tiring to be travelling or doing every day. This is day 84 of our trip. While in the RV park in Anchorage there were some black bears wandering through our park. We saw one walking along the tree line behind our RV and that was kind of neat but not nearly as unique as sitting in bed in the morning sipping coffee and having a black bear lean against the RV and look at us through our bedroom window...

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Jul 6, 2016 - So long Seward

We awoke to a light drizzle this morning. We were leaving Seward today enroute to Homer, Alaska. But first we had to drive over to the city's dump station to empty our tanks and take on a new supply of fresh water. It's always exciting to dump, you're always on guard for any little thing that could go wrong and double checking all connections while potential disaster keeps running through your head along with that scene from RV with Robin Williams!!!! Hahaha, we dodged failure one more time, ye ha! We stopped at SafeWay to reprovision. Then...

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Aug 26, 2015 - Mike catches a fish!

It was a pretty windy day and we were just driving around, looking at the little marina. This is a tiny marina with a narrow opening. Boats can only go in and out at high tide. And when they are in the marina, there is one long dock. All the boats tie up to each other. Sometimes you may have five boats or more tied to the outside of you. That means these boats have to wait for the others to leave or move before they go out. But when the tide is right and the fishing is hot, all the boats go out anyways. We saw there was a geocache not too...

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Aug 23, 2015 - More of Ninilchik

We got up early this morning to get in some fishing time at Deep Creek again before Jesse had to go back to Anchorage for his flight home. We did not catch any fish today, but did see a couple of bald eagles. Then one had an air battle with a sea gull. A flock of seven wild turkeys came to the other side of the creek and watched us for a while. Mike took Jesse back to Anchorage. Sad to see him go so soon. We sure did have fun. While they were gone, Tricia took me for a walk to see the rest of their property. They have about 8 acres. Behind...

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Aug 21, 2015 - Ninilchik FIshing

After fishing for a while, we drove on to Ninilchik to park at Tricia’s house for a while. It was so nice to have a place to visit and relax…only we did not relax much. After we got there, we decided to do some Halibut fishing off the beach. It is much like armchair fishing but the bait is some good smelly salmon and there are more weights on the line. The line gets casted WAY out into the bay. Steve can cast REALLY far. Several locals there have been trying to come up with ways to launch the bait using potato guns. Steve thinks a remote...

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Jul 22, 2015 - Eagles, Birds and all things Deep Creek

Yesterday, we went to Deep Creek State Recreation Area (SRA) where we spent a day watching the boats being launched and the eagles on the beach and in the Deep Creek feasting on the remains of the fish carcasses thrown into the water by the fishermen cleaning their catch of Halibut and Salmon. We were there 9 years ago and though there were not as many eagles this time, I did see three mature and three immature bald eagles on the beach or in the sky or in a tree. One of the mature eagles appeared to be injured as he was simply sitting in...

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Jul 18, 2015 - Ninilchik AK – Deep Creek State Recreation Area – Beach and Campground

Moved up the coast from Homer to Ninilchik and another campground on the beach. We had a great view of the Cook Inlet and (when the sun came out) two volcanoes – Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Iliamna. We also met up with our friends, Don, Judy, Mike and Mary again. They came to see eagles and they found some here at Ninilchik. Rog and Mary took a half day charter out of Homer to catch some “white fish” but they didn’t catch anything. Bummer!! It wasn’t so bad for Roger because he already had his halibut, but Mary has been fishing since she got to...

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Trip Journal

Retired at Last!

Jul 11, 2015 - The Kids are arriving!!!

This morning we picked up Jesse and Justin Baker from the airport. I am so excited to have them here. And it will be even better when Ryan and Becca get here tomorrow. We left the truck at a long term parking lot so Ryan and Becca can drive it to Kenai tomorrow. We took the Jesse and Baker to Gwynnes Café in Anchorage for some reindeer sausage breakfast. We also stopped by Wild West Guns (as seen on TV) then went to Potters Marsh to see the Salmon. We then headed to Kenai since we have an early charter boat for the morning. Along the way...

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Jun 17, 2015 - Kenai Peninsula Friends and Fishing

Ninilchik Today we drove down to the Kenai Peninsula. We were going to also go to Seward to see some more people we know, but did not have the time to get there yet. We wanted to see my college buddy Tricia and her family before we descend on them again next month with the kids. (Jesse, Ryan, Becca and Baker are coming in July). We had a great visit with Tricia and her husband Steve and daughter Ti. We brought them a surprise too. An adopted “son” of theirs works in Cabela’s. We were told to tell him Hi so we did. When he heard we were...

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