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Jul 21, 2017 - On the way to Seward

Today we are headed for Seward on the other side of the Kenai peninsula. I loved Seward in 2009 because of lovely Resurrection Bay with all the glacial mountains. We drove away from Kenai along the forested highway following the Kenai river, past Cooper’s Landing to Kenai Lake. This area had marshes and wetlands, and I was hoping to see some sea birds. Then we turned south towards Seward.

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Sep 12, 2012 - Moose Pass, Seward

Monday we traveled from Talkeetna to Moose Pass. Stopped in Wassila for some provisions, then went south. We traveled along the Turnagain Arm which is part of Cook Inlet. It's a narrow body of water where, if you time it correctly you might see a bore tide. This is when the tide come in as a six to eight foot wall of water that travels ten to fifteen MPH. We didn't see the tide, but we did see beluga whales. Belugas are small white whales that travel up Cook Inlet chasing fish. This is one of the prettiest stretches of road we've seen yet!...

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Jul 24, 2010 - Fish, Fish, and more Fish

Today we found an Athabascan shelter just off our campsite. It was well made and the dug out part was lined with straw. The poles were lashed together and pines branches covered with straw made up the top. It was out of the wind. We went to Deep Creek and saw a guy hook a massive red salmon by the tail. It's back with its fin looked like a sea monster in the river. He let it go without landing it and it followed the current downstream close to the surface. We went to wash one layer of dirt off the car and bikes and took showers. We hiked up...

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Jul 2, 2010 - To the Kenai Peninsula

Left Talkeetna after a breakfast of reindeer sausage which was very good. Drove south through Anchorage. Cannot believe how much of this country is rock and gravel. Huge gravel stream beds hundreds of feet wide with just a little water running through and the stream beds run for miles and miles. Let's talk temperature..... We have had only one day that has broke into 70 since we left WA so it has been quite cool, hanging mostly around 60. But no rain to speak of so that is going according to plan. The area south of Anchorage is very...

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Jul 31, 2007 - Whittier and Moose Pass

Tuesday we embarked upon a journey to the Kenai Peninsula where we had booked our Prince William Sound tour that departs from Whittier. To get there we had to travel up the "Turnagain Arm" originally known as "Return" by the Russians, a branch of Cook Inlet, which borders the north side of the Kenai and reaches on up to Anchorage. This branch has 33-foot tides and is the home to beluga whales and a phenomenon known as the "bore tide". This spectacle happens after a low tide where a wall of water around 6 feet high is generated when passing...

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Jul 7, 2007 - Moose Pass, Alaska

Today we plan. John and I drive into Seward for breakfast and check out the fishing possibilities. John and Tom saw the fishing boats yesterday and were at the dock as everyone was bringing in their catch. The silver salmon are in. They must get out fishing! We check the RV parks in town and on the outskirts. They all seem full as it is the weekend. Fortunately, our little 10 site park can take us another two nights and John and Tom can get out fishing Sunday morning. Looks like we are staying on the Kenai. I find myself reading the...

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Jul 4, 2007 - Moose Pass, Alaska

Happy Fourth of July! After breakfast at Gwin's we decide to celebrate the fourth by going to the Russian Falls in Chugach National Forest to watch the salmon swim upstream. I am from the sixties and I have this advice. Never trust anyone UNDER thirty! The young girl at the RV park tells us she rode her bicycle to the falls: "No problem." The young ranger told us the path is paved and handicap accessible: "Pretty flat most of the way." A young man in the parking lot told us: "Go fast and take risks!" First, to a biker paved means "good...

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Jul 17, 2006 - Moose Pass / Quartz Park/ Exit Glacier

Moose Pass After settling in at camp we drove down to "Exit Glacier" What a beauty! We were able to touch the Glacier Amazing to think that it is thousands of years old. We then went on down to Seward & Resurrections Bay for dinner. Quartz We are now at Quartz National Park for a couple of days got a camp site that we could park both RV's on. A Beautiful spot with a small river running behind us. We drove back into the back country to a large lake. We were the only ones there. Joann built us a great fire that we enjoyed. The fish weren't...

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