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Jun 23, 2013 - Alaska's Lake Louise

Spent the night here in a state recreation area. Beautiful lake ... caught a glimpse of the sunset for today, at 1:30 the next morning ... strange with well over 20 hours of daylight ... it never really gets dark, only dusk. I woke up for my first pee of the night at 1:30 and saw the colors of the sunset ... put on my slippers ... went outside without my glasses to take a picture of it ... not even sure I had any clothes on. While out there, I see the Super Moon (plus one night) ... so I take a picture of it as well ... a little blurry, but...

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Jul 7, 2011 - July 6, 2011 Day 33 Lake Louise, AK

We take our time this morning. It is beautiful outside. We are out of the campground by 10:30AM. Jan wears Capri’s. It is 65 degrees. After a quick stop in Palmer at the Fred Meyer, we go to the Musk Ox Farm. These animals are raised for their quiviut, or underhair, which is collected and sent to 7 Alaskan cultural groups who knit it into hats and scarves. It is very light, soft, and warm. A hat costs $175 and so does a scarf. They would retail at an upscale store for $400. It is now 71 degrees. We drive a few miles down the Glenn Highway...

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