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May 19, 2006 - Juneau, AK

You recall that I was going to get a bigger memory card for my camera? Well, the only one Radio Shack had was 1 GB for $90. Having no other choice, I bought it. Well, just as we started back from Juneau, with the sun shining brightly, I got a memory card error which stopped my picture taking. The trip was well worth the $135. The boat - which I didn't get a picture of (hereforth abbreviated (WIDNGAPO) - stopped for any and all points of interest. We saw whales within a few feet, porpoises swimming in our bow wake (WIDNGAPO), lots of bald...

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Sep 30, 2005 - On the high seas

We boarded the Diamond Princess on 24 Sept in Seattle after 5 days with our son Gil and family in Portland Or and then 3 days with Corrine Spicer in Seattle. The ship is VERY large and even tho 2400+ people boarded, it went very smoothly. We were dropped off by Corrine at a few minutes to noon and we were in our home for the next 29 days before 1230. The first thing we did was go find some food, which was very easy to do and still is, in fact too easy as we are gaining weight already. Our cabin C702, is quite nice with a balcony and a large...

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Sep 24, 2005 - Juneau

Tuesday 20/9 Up early this morning and on the road by 6.48am. Not a cloud in the sky but we did have thick fog most of the way to Anchorage. Quite eerie following the road down Turnagain Arm and the cloud/fog was sitting over the water and looked back to see the sun just lighting the mountains. Spectacular! So, the day started out great but turned to crap! THIS WAS THE WORST DAY EVER!! We had a bit of business to attend to once we hit Anchorage (in peak hour) and then found our way to the airport to return the hire car. I guess it all...

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Sep 7, 2005 - Welcome to Juneau

When we started our three hour Alaska Airlines flight in Seattle the weather was sunny and clear, allowing us to see a formidable stand of mountains that marched up the Pacific coast in Canada. Eventually they disappeared under a thick bank of clouds that we dropped down into when we landed in Juneau. Juneau is the capital of Alaska for political reasons, because it certainly is inaccessible to most of its residents. That formidable stand of mountains that we saw from above, isolate it and the rest of the Alaska panhandle from land and...

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Sep 1, 2005 - Juneau

Juneau is the capital of Alaska, accessible only by plane or boat; you don't drive to Juneau. Even so, Juneau boasts two full-size RV parks. How do you get your RV there? By ferry from Washington, British Columbia, or Skagway. Juneau, located on the rugged shores of Gastineau Channel, is a beautiful town, full of flowers in the summer and intermittent snow in the winter. We arrived July 22 by bus from Whitehorse to Skagway, and by Fjord Express tour boat from Skagway to Juneau. Unfortunately, our departure from and return to Skagway...

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Aug 31, 2005 - Day 38, Wednesday

August 31, Wednesday-Guess what? It's still raining, no one in Juneau seems alarmed, so I guess it's the way of life here. Gene read that it rains 222 days out of 365 in the year! We've seen lots of people wearing knee-high rubber boots, looks as though it is their normal footwear. We visited with a Forest Service Ranger this afternoon, she said, "It's not uncommon to attend a cocktail/dinner party and see people with their boots on!" We slept in (not hard to do), I went to shower and passed by the TV in the laundry, found out about...

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Aug 30, 2005 - Day 37, Tuesday

August 30, Tuesday-Well, we are definitely in a rain-forest, we've come from wilderness & tundra to a maritime climate, but the mountains and glaciers continue! Our ferry ride was exciting and interesting, wish we could have seen more scenery. By the time we left Haines it was very dark and the solid overcast made it even more so.... We're certainly glad they can guide the ship by Sonar! The Lynn Canal is not very wide! People had sleeping bags and found corners, chairs and the floor to sleep on. There was plenty of room, didn't seem...

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