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Jun 20, 2016 - Fairbanks Midnight Summer festival

Hello everyone!! Yesterday was the fist day since we left that we had a little bit of rain and chilly temperatures, so we really cant complain. We are in Fairbanks now. They have a Midnight sun Festival in their downtown. John and I walked around, checked out all the booths, ate an AWESOME Alaskan King Crab Cake burger. It was delicious!!! There were bands and entertainment on the streets. We watched a really cool steel drum band. Tropical music here in Alaska!!!! They have a baseball game at midnight, but we skipped on that and listened...

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Jun 20, 2016 - Steamboat ride

Hello all Took a steamboat ride down the Chena River yesterday. The boat took us to an Eskimo Village. We learned how they lived and hunted. We watched them smoke and dry Salmon and how they made beautiful fur Parkas. The Parkas could take up to a year to make. C they were stunning!! We watched a Bush Pilot land and take off in the River. Really cool. The highlight of the trip was a drop at the Susan Butcher Dog Sled Kennels!! We learned from Susan's daughter how the dogs are chosen and trained!! They demonstrated how they pull with a 4...

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Jun 19, 2016 - Heading for Fairbanks

Hello everyone!! We got up early this morning so we could get on the road towards Fairbanks. It would be a 5-6 hour day of driving for John. Even though the mileage didn't reflect that, getting out of the remoteness of Chicken would be a slow go. The rode was part gravel, and when it did become paved, the frost heaves (dips in the rode due to freezing and thawing of the pavement ) made it a very slow go in the RV. So we were up and out early. Amazing to me that the majority of the roads we had been in for the last 3 days , were gravel. And...

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Jun 18, 2016 - Day 27 sill in Fairbanks

Yesterday we went to see a Gold Dredge from 1920's. There was a train trip and a guy told us all about the history of gold around Fairbanks. Very interesting, and I learned a lot about how hard the miners worked, and most never made more than a meager living. The mine we went to was right where the Alaska Oil Pipeline is today. At that point it is above ground. About half of the 800 or so miles is above ground and the rest is buried. There is a sample of the pipe, with a "pig" in it that they run thru the pipe every once in a while to scrub...

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Jun 16, 2016 - Day 25 Fairbanks

We went to the University of Alaska today to visit The Museum of The North! It was pretty cool, with all the wildlife of Alaska, and a lot of history on the people. Lots of interesting stuff about the gold rush, pipeline, and a exhibit on permafrost and how they deal with it in building roads and buildings. After the museum we went to Pioneer Park. They have several museums there. Aviation as used by bush pilots & Trains to name a couple. There are many, 30 or so, original log homes that were built in Downtown Fairbanks at the turn of the...

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Jun 15, 2016 - Day 24 Traveling to Fairbanks

We spent the day caravaning with some friends, traveling from Tok, AK about 200 miles and are now in Fairbanks, AK. We stopped at a park that has a Hotel on the national historic list. It was at a old ferry crossing of the Tanana River near the town of Delta Junction. The Hotel was built in 1919, and is a log cabin. Delta Junction is the official end of the Alaska Highway. From there you go north to Fairbanks or south to Valdez. There is a milepost sign there that signifies the end of the Alaska Highway. Inside the Visitors Center you...

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Jun 9, 2016 - Fairbanks, Alaska

Good evening to all. arrived in Fairbanks Tuesday afternoon. Staying at the Elks Lodge. Electric hookups only. Saving virtue is right on the Chena River. Parked facing the river. Nice view out the windshield. Skagway was fun. We were in the Pullen Creek campground, city owned. Adjacent to the small boat harbor. Cruise ships in port varies from 1 to 5 each day. They arrive sometime after 5AM and depart after 7PM. We got to see them come in and depart, some as 10PM. The town floods with people and the people tide goes back to the ships for...

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Jun 6, 2016 - Fairbanks

Breakfast included our first taste of reindeer sausage. It tastes similar to pork sausage but with a little kick. Trivia: Reindeer are domesticated caribou. Both male and female reindeer grow antlers each year. The female reindeer keep their antlers longer so they can protect their young. At Christmastime, only female reindeer have antlers. That means that all of Santa's reindeer are female. :) The morning began with a visit to the Alaska Pipeline. Alaska is very proud of the Pipeline as it provides 85% of the state's revenue. Every Alaska...

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Jun 5, 2016 - Ice Museum and Chena Hot Springs

We arrived in Fairbanks shortly after midnight Alaska time and it was as bright outside as midday at home. A sure sign that we arrived in the "Land of the Midnight Sun". After a warm day in Seattle, the 50 degree weather was a bit of a change. Today was a rainy day in Fairbanks but rain did not stop us from having a great time visiting the Aurora Ice Museum and Chena Hot Springs. The Ice Museum is kept at a constant 25 degrees year round. The ice sculptures are created by world champion ice carvers Steve and Heather Brice. After sitting at...

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Mar 17, 2016 - It's snowing in Fairbanks

While the aurora forecast is for a five tonight (very good) here in Fairbanks it is overcast and snowing. So unless this snow stops and the skies clear, we wont be viewing it. So unless there is something good on TV we get to have an early night as most nights we've been up till about 2.00 watching the lights. We ate dinner at the northern most Denny's in the USA. Now we can tick that off our bucket list!

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Mar 12, 2016 - The end of the Alaska Hwy

Delta Junction is at the end of the Alaska Hwy and we remembered having our photo taken with the giant mosquitoes in the summer of 2008, when unfortunately they were biting! Delta Junction is surrounded by 3 spectacular mountain ranges – the White Mountains to the north, the Granite Mountains to the southeast, and the Alaska Range to the southwest. We drove past Fort Greely, which is a huge military base not too far down the Richardson Hwy. It is a United States Army launch site for anti-ballistic missiles. Something you don't want to...

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Mar 10, 2016 - Nenana and the tripod - 100 years on

Located in the Alaskan interior, Nenana is 55 road miles southwest of Fairbanks on the Parks Highway. It is situated on the south bank of the Tanana river, just east of the mouth of the Nenana River. Every winter a Tripod is erected on the frozen river and people bet on when the ice goes out enough to move the tripod. This is called the Nenana Ice Classic. It is a fundraising event in which individuals attempt to guess the exact time the Tanana River ice will break up.Tickets are on sale from February 1 through April 5 of each year...

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