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Aug 4, 2011 - Childs Glacier

We spent the morning and afternoon at the glacier trying to get some video of the calving process. The timing was very hard and the video used up batters at a very fast rate. We headed back into Cordova stopping at the Alaganik Slough for a walk on a very nice birding boardwalk. We spent the evening in the camper as the wind howled and rain fell, both of us wondering if he ferry would sail in the morning.

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Aug 3, 2011 - Childs Glacier

We got to the ferry terminal at 7:30 AM to be told that the ferry was canceled due to sea conditions. And that we would be put on standby for the Friday ferry. We are 14th on the list, with no guarantee that we will be able to board. We will be staying in Cordova to enjoy the scenery, rain and wind for a few more days. Kathy shopped and I went to the library to use the internet. We visited the community museum and the native museum. We decided to head back out to the Childs Glacier to look for wildlife and camp. We did see one brown bear...

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Aug 2, 2011 - Childs Glacier

We awoke to the thunder of the glacier and rain and wind buffeting the camper. We viewed the glacier from the pickup and I tried to get video of the calving process. This was easier planed than executed. It was very difficult to anticipate the areas of the face of the glacier were the calving would take place and will there were many opportunities the excitement of the action was most often the fruit. We left the glacier at 3:00 pm and headed back to Cordova to explore the community and surrounding area. We decided to not reschedule our...

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Aug 1, 2011 - Childs Glacier

In the morning I went out to Alison point seeing the same brown bear that I had seen the night before. The Salmon were still present in great numbers. I went back to camp and picked up Kathy. We moved the Geo to the long term parking at the ferry terminal. Still having 3 hours before the ferry departs we head to Valdez for Kathy to get in a shopping fix and back on Alison Point to watch the brown bear catch a couple of fish. The two hour ferry ride to Cordova went by fast. The ferry we were on traveled at 40+ knots (48 Miles an Hour). We...

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May 7, 2009 - 2 weeks!

Two weeks until the start of our tour! Only 11 days till we leave Cordova. I am just setting up and testing this site to see how easy it will be to make entries. Hopefully we will have opportunities to use the internet-because I know my memory won't hold all the things I want to remember.

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