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Sep 15, 2016 - Portsmouth

Long drive today from Plymouth to Portsmouth. All in all, the drive went smoothly except for the end. First, let me say that I like Great Britain, and the people I have met have been very nice. Given that, I am perplexed at the signage, or lack thereof, in most cities and towns. It's almost if there is some kind of VAT (Value Added Tax) for displaying them. Nonetheless, I foiled the system and found my hotel!! Portsmouth is another seaside and naval town. As you will see from some pictures, there are some nice houses near the harbor. One of...

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Aug 26, 2015 - Wild, wet, windy - this summer in Scotland/England

Wed 26th August 2015 Sitting in hotel bar in Shanklin, IOW. We left Scotland on the 15th, arriving at Portsmouth on 23rd to get the Lady "snagging list" sorted before the years warranty runs out. So she's been in the service area since Monday, and obviously as we can't live in her during the day, to save hassle for them and us we've come here for a few days "holiday". Neither of us have been here before, so thought it a good opportunity to explore. Sadly it's done nothing but pour relentlessly, with low cloud so we've seen nothing. No...

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Apr 30, 2015 - Portsmouth

Sunday: After a long, long sleep we had a late breakfast (being Sunday it didn’t’ start until 9am) and again found everything about the food and the service great. Although it is not on the tourist trail, we cannot speak highly enough of this establishment. The gorgeous weather we have been enjoying deserted us today and the skies were grey. We wanted to see the ancient Cinque Port of Rye but by the time we got there the drizzle had started (or as the Brits call it, slow rain) and it was very chilly. So we did a quick walk up and around...

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Aug 26, 2014 - glad to be back despite the wet weather

We arrived back in Gosport Marina on Saturday and partied until quite late with Jeanette and Phil. The following day we decided on a slightly speedier travel option and took a hovercraft over to Ryde. We barely got comfortable in our seats before we arrived and a really smooth ride too! Wish it was that easy to get the last few miles back to Eastbourne but unfortunately the torrential rain since Sunday has hindered things somewhat. It's a good job we had our cockpit enclosure to zip up to help keep us dry. Last night we invited Phil and...

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Oct 29, 2013 - Portsmouth - on the road again!

Andrew drove us back to Bristol on 15th October to complete the registration/tax application and we stopped by the Cribbs Causeway Shopping mall for an hour or so on the way back. It’s been another couple of weeks of not much activity. We walked along the road for a nice roast lunch at Oak Tree Park last Sunday with Alan and Lin. Apart from a couple of trips to the supermarket we have been pretty much “housebound” as the weather has been very changeable. Thank heaven for Alan and Lin and our regular “fivesies” (5 o’clock drinks turn-about...

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Jul 24, 2013 - Yeovilton and Portsmouth

We left Plymouth at a leisurely hour in the early afternoon on the 23rd. Rocky’s daughter Katie had dropped by in the morning for a brief visit (her brother Duncan stopped by yesterday) and they gave me a gift certificate for one of the local stores. Not being one to allow a travel schedule to get in the way of some retail therapy I, of course, dropped everything and went shopping. Well, I HAD to – I wouldn’t have been able to use the card once I left the area otherwise!  While I was gone Bruce was helping Rocky to set up a bike Rocky had...

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Jul 8, 2013 - Havant

I found this pub on the internet. Not the cheapest Ive had but the best I could find near Southport. Train services in both directions were good. It had the worst service of anywhere I've been. Not baqd. in fact they did everything they should. But there was none of the energy and enthusiasm of other places. When I booked in the girl at the desk said "room 18" and pointed to a door with 6 steps visible behind. So off I went. There was a bend and a door; more steps; more landings; passages; more doors and more steps. Even after I...

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Jul 6, 2013 - to Havant and give up on Portsmouth!

git a cab to the bus station for the next stage of my trip. The driver loved his city; would have been a good informant on the way in; instead that one just wanted to talk about Perth! however he wasn't enthusiastic about Portsmouth; nothing to see unless you're interested in Naval Architecture. As I was staying at Havant, a little further on, I figured if it was that bad I could find some alternatives. I have decided I will always take train when available as though the bus stopped every 2 hours for 30 minutes, so the legs could be...

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Aug 4, 2012 - A Yogi's Future?

Today, I literally got chased down the street by a "yogi" from Punjab, India who said I will get a job promotion in Dec 2012, I have two brothers, lived in the US with one boyfriend, I will be married in 2013, right now two men love me but I am only thinking of one, and one of my female friends is jealous and we won't be friends much longer. Oh and I have a very happy and shining star face.

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Jul 30, 2012 - Olympics 2012 with Nish!!

It's always fun when people you know show up, across the pond, and meet up with you. Between naval ships, a spinnaker, photo key chain, The London Eye, and an unexpected all nighter, nothing could have prepared me for the adventure I was about to embark on with David Nish aka Nish!!.

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Sep 11, 2011 - Final day before we go!!

Had a nice relaxing morning after packing all day yesterday. Met up on Portsdown Hill for one of Mick's Famous Burgers with a few friends and family again. Seats now booked, boarding passes printed. Now doing final checks before heading up to Heathrow tomorrow afternoon. Getting excited. Not sure if I will sleep with the in flight entertainment.

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Sep 6, 2011 - Doing the rounds!!

Trying ot get into a habbit of writing these things and practicing putting a photo on. Hopefully you can all see it?!! It has been quite a busy schedule these last few weeks catching up with family and friends before we go. Been to Bournemouth and Oxford and last night met up with the Parry family and went to Toby's Carvery for a meal. The last proper roast dinner we will have for the next 6 months. Parsnips weren't the best, but it still went down well!! Recommend the cherry waffle!! Tonight, off to the cinema with Gemma's dad. Third...

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