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Jul 27, 2005 - Long bus ride to Chesterfield

I hopped a bus to Chesterfield today and met my friend Amanda there. I met her when I was traveling in Australia two years ago. We did a tour from Ayers Rock up to Darwin together and have stayed in touch ever since. She's a nurse in this little town called Chesterfield and just happened to be on vacation this week. It was great to see her again and get caught up. Plus sleeping in a nice bed in a house was a great change from the hostel scene!

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Jun 2, 2005 - Stories about the barge

We have been staying with my daughter Tanya, and her boyfriend Colin at the marina with their new barge. There is not much room on the barge so we parked the van on a small road next to the marina and have been sleeping in that. The marina is quite small but with its own waterside pub and cafe. One night we all went to the pub for quiz night and a lot of the other locals who live on their boats were also there. It is a great little community of all ages where everyone has something in common, and as Tanya and Colin had only just moved on...

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Mar 5, 2005 - Not in Nottingham

Undoubtedly one of my favorite childhood movies was Disney's animated feature "Robin Hood." Such a classic! Surely you remember it...you know the quality story that taught us that it was okay to be a thief just as long as we used the money for a good cause...wait a sec...that's a horrible lesson! That rivals the subliminal messages that movies like "Aladdin" and "The Little Mermaid" have in them telling little children to take off their clothes (let it be said that I never needed a movie to tell me that...nudity has always come quite...

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Nov 13, 2004 - Home Again

Rudely awakened by an alarm call at some unimaginable time in the morning and struggled downstairs to sit in a sleepy daze at the table thinking about whether breakfast was a good idea or not. Settled on a cup of tea. Got to the airport to find all flights to Baghdad had been cancelled - how strange! Journey home was pretty uneventful - it's my least favourite bit of travelling. I'm always happy to be home but don't enjoy the long drawn out process that gets me there! I managed to get a window seat on the plane so I had a good view of...

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Oct 29, 2004 - One week to go

One week to go - the tickets have arrived, the passport's been found and the vaccinations have been checked to ensure they're all up to date (they weren't - 5 required - ouch!). I've just got to book my coach ticket to the airport and fit in about 3 weeks worth of work (booo!) and then I think I'm finally ready! I'm travelling with Explore Worldwide so will be meeting up with 15 strangers at Amman airport and then we'll be setting off following the route shown in the photo album.

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