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Jun 5, 2009 - Busy busy busy

Not sure where i got up to on the last post but I´ve been so busy doing loads of sightseeing and taking speedboats to islands and riding in sand dune buggies and sand boarding...I have to tell you all I got the furthest maybe I had a weight advantage or something. We lay on the sand boards (just like snowboards) face first and were launched off progressively higher sandunes, It was amazing but note to self DONT SCREAM ON WAY DOWN SAND GOES IN MOUTH! :) So today I took a flight over the Nazca lines which are lines and drawings of animals in...

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Jun 3, 2009 - Arrived

Hola Iwish i knew more Spanish than that but I am already learning quick, pointing just dosn´t always work. So i got my flight from Heathrow to Madrid and got the connection to Lima, arrived at what was 1am UK time but only 8pm local time, met the group ended up going out for food even though i wasn´t hungry and had a couple of beers and ended up in a Karokae bar til 2:30 am local time. I had a good time think the rest would have carriedon but my sensible head told me thit i really needed to get some sleep and so the rest did finnaly fallow...

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Apr 12, 2008 - 1st Day in England

I arrived at my apt. in Nottingham at midnight last night after traveling for over 31 hours. I had to sleep overnight in an airport after flight delays caused me to miss my over night flight to London on Thursday. Anyways I'm here now and the apt. I'm staying in is pretty nice. I've attached pictures for people who are curious. My favorite piece of furniture is what I've deemed the leather bondage chair. I don't know who designed it but it's really not comfortable. Since I hadn't eaten anything in almost 18 hours, I headed to the Falcon Inn...

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Dec 1, 2007 - Checking out Robins digs

Tim and i decided to keep the backpacking dream alive, on weekends. On this particular weekend, with no pressing urgent business to attend to, we ventured up to Nottingham to check out Mr Hoods digs. With xmas immenently not too far around the corner, the town was packed with people doing 2 things. Shopping, and shop lifting (its in their blood here!!) Anyways, all in all its a nice town that rams the fact that they are the home of the tale of robin hood down your throat. Being up north, it was a good early indicator of the cold to come. We...

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Oct 20, 2007 - Nottigham

Friday we left the north and drove down south to see my cousin. His name is also David Shipman, which occasionally causes confusion! They are located just to the south of the City of Nottingham (see map). Saturday we visited a local country park called Newstead Abbey, the former home of Lord Byron the poet. A very pretty place with some peacocks who hung around the café grabbing any scraps left behind! We are now up to 3 layers of clothing and a temperature of around 10c.

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Sep 5, 2007 - Nottingham - Mobilisation Centre

He didnt go to Portsmouth in the end. They travelled straight to Chillwell in Nottingham. They're at the Ministry of Defence Mobilisation Centre. He said it was an army base type thing and it wasnt too bad. He was going for tea and then going the pub. Seems like he's settling in already!

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Aug 25, 2007 - Nottingham

Saturday was planned to be the day we went to the soccer. The match - Notting Forest vs Leeds. The biggest match of the 3rd division. Perhaps it would have been a good idea to check the paper but we didn't and we aimed to get there in plenty of time for a 3pm game. Which we did. And as we parked near the game which was over three blocks away, we could hear the roar of the crowd and it was nothing like an AFL game or even being at the blockbuster Melbourne Victory ground. It felt like we were in the stadium and it was electric. However, as...

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Denise's UK Holiday

Sep 1, 2006 - Rolleston Mill

Having moved out of Wimbledon and handing the keys over our tenants, we embarked on our year of living out of a bag in an old Mill in Rolleston with a gaggle of the Hull crowd. The wild depraved nights of endless drinking being somewhat tempered by age, impaired livers and babies - nevertheless, much fun was had and a handy tip on fine parenting skills can be seen in a video file which can be provided on request! Onward to God's Own Country - Hull town!!

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Dec 30, 2005 - Nottingham

On the 27th, I took the bus to Nottingham (taking advantage of my complimentary Megabus ticket!) to visit Gina and Roy again. As I walked out of Victoria tube station in London, light flakes of snow started to fall. It was beautiful! As the bus drove through London, I could see it had been snowing a bit, but it was as we neared Nottingham that heavier snow was visible. It was very exciting for someone who had only seen it twice before - once walking in a national park in Tasmania and the second time in Yosemite NP! By the next morning,...

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Oct 9, 2005 - Nottingham

The weekend before I started work, I took the opportunity to visit Gina and Roy in Nottingham. I had first met Gina when she visited Rudi, whom I shared a house with in Brisbane, a few years ago. It was really wonderful to meet up again and meet her husband, Roy, too! While I was there the leaves were turning beautiful autumnal colours of red, brown, orange and yellow - it was lovely to drive through the countryside amidst all the colourful foliage! Gina, Roy and I visited an old Flour Mill, which had been turned into a picturesque tourist...

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Aug 23, 2005 - Southwell and Nottingham

Southwell where I am from is a weird place, and as far as I know, I am the only gay in the village! So it felt weird taking Jose there. Met up with Jenny and Vicky there and planned a big night out... If you can have a big night out in a village, however, we do have a large amount of local pubs but they are filled with local people! You can already tell that Little Britain must have been based on Southwell. We had the night out and fortunately I only recognized a few people, and it was Jenny and Vicky who took great delight in telling...

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Aug 22, 2005 - CLUMBER

Waking up hung over it was time to finally go shopping, the first time I had really done any shopping since my departure from Dubai. Nottingham for those that have never been is great for shopping (and for boozing too of course). Practically the whole day spent opening my wallet. Then it was time to drive to North Notts as we were staying with Auntie Jean for the evening in Clumber. Jean lives right in the middle of Clumber Park, in a most idyllic spot surrounded by woodland and her own gardens. Almost magical! As we arrived, a fox and her...

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