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Jul 4, 2013 - June holidays down south

June holidays down south We had a lovely time in cromer last weekend, the sun came out every time we needed it to :-) at other times we just admired the sea view from our window, which sat on the cliff edge. we even managed to swim 3 time in our outside pool ( it was very warm water) and the kids loved playing in the sea on one particularly beautiful evening. We had fish and chips by the pier and went on a 2 and half hour boat ride to see a large group of seals, you would have liked it, there was hundreds of different nesting birds all...

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May 28, 2013 - Our month and half in Scotland

Well we have been living in our little caravan in Scotland for just over a month, and I think we have settled in well we moved after two weeks to another pitch as the first one was to open to the wind that blew across the valley. I feel very relaxed here in Scotland and do not tire of seeing the ochills even when it's grey and cloudy in fact they look just as good when the weather is rough, that's the joy of living near mountains/ hills. I like the fact that we are involved more with the outdoors now for instance we go out to the washing...

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May 12, 2013 - Our biking holidays 2013

May 10 th 2013 May 10th Andy and i are celebrating our 10 year anniversary eek and Alisha has a new bike as she she is growing up fast. so we decide to celebrate by going on a small biking holiday. We biked to the train station in Alloa then took the train to Loch Lomond. We stayed in a lvely b& b in balloch. On saturday we visited the sealife aquarium, which I have to say is excellent... then on Sunday we biked 8 miles along the loch shore, Alisha did very well and loves her new bike with Gears. It was a shame it rained all the way...

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Apr 16, 2013 - After the Scottish takeover I've hit the low lands

After the physical and mental exertions of gutting the House, leaving family, and towing the caravan to Scotland. I was on a high, ready to go forth and conquer Scotland, clean caravan, fix home and get started in homeschooling again which I have to say has been a little lacking ( but then the experience of the move and relocation is an education in its self). I was all set to go ... but instead i find us in the first week, back in the lowlands. ( figuratively speaking ) to day is Tuesday and andy's second day of work, it's 11am and...

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Apr 13, 2013 - Sunny Scotland

http://www.home-education.biz/forum/ ..I've been checking out home ed website for area Home from home....Today we have sun yippee, clothes all washed and drying nicely, veg delivered, dinner on, and now relaxing.. And trying to egnore my inner voice that says I must Finnish of my soon to be overdue open uni TMA!!

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Apr 10, 2013 - Scottish takeover

Hello from Scotland, Alloa. April 10th wed We arrived here tuesday night about 11pm, after a couple of very long days driving and towing the caravan Phew.. Day 1 to manchester. After wondering where Birmingham has vanished to I realised I had missed the m6 turn off..opps don't tell anyone :-/ so i cut through the peak district from chesterfield to Stockport.. easy. ( a good choice I realised when I found out that the m6 had closed because of an accident). We stayed at a caravan club site and it was freezing. i travelled up with my mum and...

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Apr 1, 2013 - The big pack-up and early escape to Scotland

The first part of our adventures will now start with us going up to scotland, stirling for a minimum of three months for a work contract. We plan on living in our caravan in Alloa, lets not talk about the weather at the moment ....it seems to be creeping up past 2 degrees and we have even had some sunny days ...joy I live in hope of not freezing....It has took us two weeks to gut, to take one house and try to fit it into a caravan ...it's amazing how much stuff and crap one can hide away in a house. At last That's it all packed up and...

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Oct 24, 2011 - Bletchley Park

We left home this morning at 9:00am and had a really good journey down the motorway. We arrived at Bletchley Park at just after midday, having only had one brief stop for a coffee for Paul and a muffin for Reuben. Bletchley Park was quite busy - the car park was full, but we did eventually manage to get a space. We ate our lunch in the car and then set off. The weather elsewhere in the UK has been terrible - lots of rain and strong winds, but no sign of this in Milton Keynes. The sun was shining and it was a lovely bright day. We paid the...

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Apr 1, 2011 - Looking back on one of our trips in 2011

One of our many memorable trips with our kids ..OUR GREAT EASTER/N RAILWAY TRIP It was in easter 2011 andy and i 6 year old alisha and 3 year old seb took off for 21 days through eastern europe by train and bus. we travelled through 8 contries starting in lithuania and went through, Belarus, ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Romania, Mostar, Sarajevo, ( Bos herts) and finishing in zagreb croatia. it was fantastic we did 5 overnight train trips on the old exsoviet trains ...now that felt like real travel......the slowness and the rattle of these...

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Jul 11, 2010 - And we are off

This is it we are really off ... in fact we have gone! 13:45 and we are starting to gather at Hazeley, it is all a bit unreal, especially in this most "un-british" weather of clear blue skies and scorching heat. Hopefully there is going to be loads more of this to come over the next month. 14:15 Everyone is here, loads of parents to see us off and the two kind volunteers who are driving us down to London and then having to bring the minibuses back to school. Some quick team photos and then we are off. Will update this if I can (or Dad will...

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Jul 10, 2010 - Under starter's orders

Today as been tweaking what was in my rucksack and having a last practice at packing, moving a few things from one dry-bag to another. It is all "quarantined" now; rucksack, day-bag (carry on) and a dry-bag with the clothes I am wearing to the airport. Time to chill now; - a trip to Crownhill park to fly my power-kite - despite the hot calm it had some real pull when it got above the wind shadow but the wind kept dying to dead calm ever few minutes - a last chance to go to the gym and squeeze a bit more out of my months membership, I...

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Jul 7, 2010 - Final prep - Bag check and blog test

It's getting serious now, we have all taken our packs into school to get them checked by our teachers to work out if we actually have everything we need. I don't think I did too badly, though apparently I may have too many clothes and too large a wash kit :S Over than that I think it all went pretty well, only three days till we take the plane from Heathrow to Madrid, then back over the Atlantic. Kind of annoying that we have to do all this mucking about going in THE WRONG DIRECTION first but you have to live with it I guess we're still...

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