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Sep 20, 2004 - Up to Manchester with Erik to visit Old Trafford!

Sometimes when I am at a World Class Football match I think about many of the people I know in my life who do not understand or even have any interest in the sport. I think about the many people who think the sport is boring and do not even give it a chance, or try to understand the passion surrounding the sport in the rest of the world outside America. I think about that because I am wishing they could see what I am seeing. The other night I was truly wishing that... wishing that every non-football fan could see the action that we were...

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Sep 14, 2004 - UK - Manchester - Departure Day!

No longer a dream - my lifetime adventure is here! Hi everyone this is the first entry on my website, to say that I was nervous and excited was an understatement. My Mum, Paul, Kathy & David came to see my off at the airport early in the morning. Everyone decided to have a hearty breakfast before my flight was called, except me - cornflakes & half a cup of coffee followed by twenty thousand trips to the loo!! In order to settle my nerves I have decided to name a few of my items that will be with me a long the way:- Green Ruc Sac - Kermy...

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Sep 5, 2004 - UK - Countdown - Other wise know as "Have you not gone yet?"

Haven't You Gone yet?! For those who have known me for some time traveling has always been a dream for me & I was never sure whether I would have the guts, time & money for the dream to become reality. So when I applied for my career break with work I only had a rough idea where I wanted to go. Thanks to Dave & Sharon the career break application was made so easy & before I new it, permission was granted. I left work at the end of June to read up & discover where my travels would take me. What I didn't know was the multitude of different...

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Aug 27, 2004 - O.M.G.! 29 hours to go!!

O.M.G. folks, only 29 hours to go before I begin my tour down under and around! It has to be said, that as excited as I am, I'm also slightly pooing myself! Call it nerves, call it a bad case of wind, call it an allergic reaction.....basically call it what you want, but I know that its PANIC!! As anal as I am, I keep thinking that there's something that i've forgotten! But as Jenstar (who has despaired at how anal I am compared to her laid back, practically horizontal ways!) has said i ain't going to a third world country, so if I forget...

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Jul 11, 2004 - A week in London - it all begins!

Sarita and I have spent a week in London visiting with old friends, its been the perfect start to a long trip. Early in the week we spent a couple of days with Jaret and Jen, a Canadian couple who may meet us in Northern India (Rajastan) in November. The next couple of days with Andrew and Suz; the couple whose wedding we are attending in South Africa in September and finally, we spent several days with the Cook familly and their wonderful, noisey, snotty, happy and beautiful children. Sarita and I also had time to take the train and spend...

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Jul 10, 2004 - Manchester

People say Manchester is not a very nice town. At first glance, we agreed. We wandered through what had to be the projects for a while, then came to a pretty nice little area where we found a nice (well... aside from the giant moth that wanted to nest in my ears) hotel to stay in. We also found the library which gave us free internet access and which gave you pictures to look at (finally!). You'll never beleive this, but it actually did not rain the entire day. I can hardly beleive our luck since that night was the Cure concert. Which was...

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Sarah's Sojourn

Jun 4, 2004 - Cardiff to Manchester.

Cardiff to Manchester. Manchester to Edinburgh. I woke up to the sound of other people leaving. In a hostel you see, you don't have your own room but share it with up to a dozen other guys. I took a 'ranger' shower (in the Army you put your head in the sink and wash yourself really quick. Some of the guys in the buck next to ours were giving me and Darryl the willies so we got our breakfast and left. We made our way back to the train station on the bus and said fairwell to Cardiff. There wasn't much that we did there and I think the only...

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