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Jan 5, 2001 - 1974 September 16 - ENGLAND - Westminster Palace

Today Ed Tolbert and I had the pleasure of visiting a man whose work is very similar to ours. He was very gracious in answering our questions. I took a couple of photos from his office window. Our friend, Tom Williamson, who is with Scotland Yard, was instrumental in arranging this visit for us. Westminster Abbey has never been an abbey. It is the “church” of the Abbey of Westminster. The abbey (monastery) disappeared during the reign of Henry VIII. Its legal title since 1560, when Queen Elizabeth I replaced the abbot with a dean, is...

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Jan 5, 2001 - 1974 August 17 - ENGLAND - Bus Tour - Hampton, Windsor and Stoke Poges

Today was a very full and enjoyable day. I took a bus tour to Hampton, Windsor and Stoke Poges. (I love those English place names.) Our first stop was at King Henry VIII’s elaborate Hampton Court Palace, followed by a stop at Windsor Castle. I learned that castles aren’t the most comfortable places to live because they are so difficult to keep warm. All those stones are c-o-l-d. At Stoke Poges we visited St. Giles Parish Church where the poet, Thomas Gray, is buried.

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 May 26 – ENGLAND - London Church Friends

Today I took photos of the pastor and several people in the church where the McGuires, Tolberts and I attend. It is a truly multi-national congregation. Mannfred is German, Ainsley and Sandra are Australians and Eleni is Greek. Of course, we “Yanks” added to the mix.

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 June 5 - ENGLAND - Buckingham Palace

Today I happened to be walking past Buckingham Palace on my way home from work when I saw some activity at the palace gate. Someone told me that Queen Elizabeth had just returned home from the derby. I just barely had time to whip out my camera to catch her limousine.

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 June 22 - ENGLAND - Wedding of Mannfred Pinske and Eleni Michael

This morning I attended a most unusual wedding of church friends. Mannfred Pinske (German) and Eleni Michael (Greek) were married in the church. The ceremony was conducted in German, Greek and English! I doubt that I’ll ever attend another one like that.

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 June 22 - ENGLAND - Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

After the Pinske-Michael wedding, I took a walk around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. Kensington Palace is not actually in Kensington. It is in the Westminster parish of St. Margaret. Almost the whole of the gardens are in Westminster; the rest is within the parochial area of Paddington.

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Jan 4, 2001 - 1974 July 21 – ENGLAND – London - Greenwich Pier

This afternoon I took the bus to Greenwich where I saw the famous tea clipper ship built in 1869. I also saw the yacht which Sir William Chichester had sailed around the world in nine months in 1966. This was of special interest to me because I had read his book about the adventure a few years ago.

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Jan 3, 2001 - 1974 March 16 - ENGLAND - London - Regent's Park Zoo

This was an exciting time for me. A few days ago I arrived in London, England on special assignment at Phillips Petroleum Company’s North Sea headquarters. My assignments included studies of their mailing, printing and purchasing functions for the purpose of identifying cost savings. My first outing was to Regent’s Park Zoo with Ed and Lavon Tolbert and Don, Nadean and Beth McGuire. The Tolberts had arrived at the same time as I, but the McGuires had been here nearly two years. We had a good time at the zoo.

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Nov 7, 1976 - London via the Lakes District

Left Glasgow about 8.30am for Ayr and drove round there and then through to Alloway to have a look at Robbie Burns cottage. Then to Amman where we stopped and cooked lunch by the river. Stopped in Carlisle at Uncle Jim's (Gallacher) but no-one home, so continued on. Made a worthwhile detour from the motorway through the Lakes District which was really lvoely. It got dark then so we stopped on the side of the road nd cooked what we'd bought in Windermere. And then drove almost to London. Stopped at the last service centre and slept the...

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