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Dec 5, 2017 - Queens Park Hotel (11/3 - 11/15/17)

Hello again! I know that I have been very neglectful in posting. For that I am sorry. I just get busy (or lazy) with life and don't get this done. By the time you get to the end of this one, you may be thinking I am long-winded and posted too many pictures. I just want to share my amazingly wonderful trip so bear with me! This trip was planned back in June. Our daughter, Ashley, was turning 30 on November 3rd and told us she was going to London for her birthday. She had been there 4 times previous and calls it 'her happy place'. This time...

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Nov 14, 2017 - London to San Jose

And we are off .... to an amazing ecological land of wildlife, volcanoes, rain forests, cloud forests, tropical storms and earthquakes! Let the adventures begin! Well they did! After a mostly smooth 11 hour flight, slightly bumpy at times over the Atlantic, we began our descent. In November Costa Rica’s climate is in a transitional phase from the rainy season, so sunny mornings and sometimes rain between 3 & 5. An unpredicted rain cloud sited itself over the airport as we came in, so landing aborted. Very smoothly by our pilot. Turned out...

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Nov 10, 2017 - They don't call me elephant man because of this trunk

I checked my email and on my last day Tim has decided to give me 18 things to do. I picked one and that was to go visit the elephant man's bones at the Royal London Hospital. Across from the hospital is the townhouse Joseph Merrick "the Elephant Guy" lived. Strange story. Big E as the called him was actually making a bunch of money starring in the freak show which is something he decided to do as he no other decernable skills. The doctor took him out of the freak show to give him some dignity. The hospital didn't want him on the premises...

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Nov 9, 2017 - Smoking Potter

I figured out why I have the aches and fatigue. Woke with a cold. As I write this there is an hour long show on tv about the Black Death killing half of London. It's not half as racist as it sounds. I took my sick ass down to the British Museum. Spent time in the Enlightenment room. This was the origin of the museum. They piled all this junk they had together and said what do we have here. Fossils, Greek vases, roman coins drawings of flowers. They just started sorting. What do things have in common? In the 1700s there's a rebirth of...

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Nov 7, 2017 - Greetings from Red Square

Quiet day in London. Slept late. Wandered over to the Natural History museum. Didn't mean to spend much time as in it as one gem or earthquake exhibit is like the next. Or is it? The gems are the gems but the earthquake exhibit is pretty cool. They have a Japanese grocery store which you stand in and it shakes like an earthquake, stuff falls off the shelves, you can watch closed circuit tv of the real earthquake in a supermarket just like the on you're in. As you leave small cables pull all the stuff back to the shelves. I had to find the...

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Nov 6, 2017 - I discover the North Pole

Woke this morning at the awesome Holiday Inn Gatwick. No breakfast, just out. Got to watch a tow truck driver remove a VW from the lot I was in. He had me hemmed in, so I had to watch. Once freed I drove seven miles to Ashdown Forest. Seven miles of tight roads, wrong side, in-a-hurry British tailgaters. It's white knuckle driving and it's the last day and I still have both mirrors. Ashdown forest was the hunting ground for Tudor fisher king Henry VIII. He allegedly liked hunting the abundant deer. They are still plenty of signs on the road...

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Oct 4, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #3/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

Good morning, and welcome to our third, and last day in London. With all the fiasco of yesterday’s breakfast in the dining room, we thought we would try room service. At least we could all be together, and eat at the same time. A little before 9:00a.m., I got on the phone with room service and carefully spelled out what easy of us would love to eat. ~ “Yes, good morning room service. This is Robin Knepper, in room #413, I would like to order breakfast for three persons.” I said ever so politely. “Of course, madam. What would you like?” The...

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Oct 3, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #2/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

[Note: I forgot to take my camera with me today, so you will only have one picture to relive this day with me.] Good Morning. It felt so good to have eachof us with a full, comfortable and lengthy good night's sleep. Lazily we got up, and strolled down to breakfast a little before 9:00a.m. . Marina and I were so excited to be able to share this yummy buffet breakfast that the RITZ provides. Oh the gloriousness of being back at this wonderful hotel. This is precisely when our breakfast from h - - - began. Time clock is the easiest way I can...

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Oct 2, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #1/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

##photo=Rennes (little red dot to left of Laval)/Paris/London: RITZ LONDON (DAY #1/3)## Well, my wonderful dynamic duo did not get to bed at all from whence we shared our raspberry fluffs, til when we met again in the kitchen at 5:00a.m. . After quick cups of coffee, it was time for Marina to close up her house. One of the last things she got to was the kitchen windows. These windows had steel metal, and lockable shutters that made entering this place very difficult. Marina says the doors are very heavy, and hard to lock, but once in place,...

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Sep 22, 2017 - Farewell to the Cotswolds - Hello to Spain!

Next report will be from Spain as the Natural Trekking group walks the Best of the Camino de Santiago. Ciao for now! Ellen and I finally arrive from London (via Madrid) on time at 10:30pm. We quickly hailed a taxi and were checked in and to our rooms by 12:00 midnight. Cecilia, my roomie, jumped up to greet me and it was such a lovely reception, especially so late at night. We chatted about our respective journeys and finally fell asleep around 1:00am!

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Sep 14, 2017 - London

Slept well for several hours and then lay awake. Denise had arrived and following breakfast, her and Doris take the Tube into the city and spend a fantastic day on a Big Bus tour, and a visit to the Tower of London. They arrived back late in the evening regaling many stories of their adventure. After seeing them off in the morning, I stayed at the airport and met up with a friend who works at the airport, and had a wonderful visit. Shortly after 3 pm, Helga, Margie & Ellen arrive and off we head to the hotel. The ladies rest a bit and then...

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Aug 22, 2017 - London

Our last day so after a traditional English breakfast we drove to Windsor Castle. Spent the day walking around all the shops and around the castle. Ended the day at s nice pub for lunch. Wonderful way to end our holidays Will have to wait to upload photos as out of space

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