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Oct 4, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #3/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

Good morning, and welcome to our third, and last day in London. With all the fiasco of yesterday’s breakfast in the dining room, we thought we would try room service. At least we could all be together, and eat at the same time. A little before 9:00a.m., I got on the phone with room service and carefully spelled out what easy of us would love to eat. ~ “Yes, good morning room service. This is Robin Knepper, in room #413, I would like to order breakfast for three persons.” I said ever so politely. “Of course, madam. What would you like?” The...

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Oct 3, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #2/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

[Note: I forgot to take my camera with me today, so you will only have one picture to relive this day with me.] Good Morning. It felt so good to have eachof us with a full, comfortable and lengthy good night's sleep. Lazily we got up, and strolled down to breakfast a little before 9:00a.m. . Marina and I were so excited to be able to share this yummy buffet breakfast that the RITZ provides. Oh the gloriousness of being back at this wonderful hotel. This is precisely when our breakfast from h - - - began. Time clock is the easiest way I can...

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Oct 2, 2017 - London, England, UK-- RITZ HOTEL (day #1/3) [r:413 & mj:414)

##photo=Rennes (little red dot to left of Laval)/Paris/London: RITZ LONDON (DAY #1/3)## Well, my wonderful dynamic duo did not get to bed at all from whence we shared our raspberry fluffs, til when we met again in the kitchen at 5:00a.m. . After quick cups of coffee, it was time for Marina to close up her house. One of the last things she got to was the kitchen windows. These windows had steel metal, and lockable shutters that made entering this place very difficult. Marina says the doors are very heavy, and hard to lock, but once in place,...

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Aug 22, 2017 - London

Our last day so after a traditional English breakfast we drove to Windsor Castle. Spent the day walking around all the shops and around the castle. Ended the day at s nice pub for lunch. Wonderful way to end our holidays Will have to wait to upload photos as out of space

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KayJen Summer 2017

Aug 5, 2017 - London, The Ritz London on Piccadilly

Saturday, Aug. 5th, (1 hour outside London) still on British Air at 11:30a.m. The next thing I knew there was a hostess kneeling next to my seat wanting to know if I would care for the some breakfast before we land. Of course I took he up on the idea, and enjoyed a cup of tea, and bowl of fresh fruit. Thinking this is going to be for strength, and energy to walk the what feels like miles thru customs and baggage reclaim in Terminal #5. Terminal #5 is solely four the use of one airline -- British Air. Training and wandering endlessly in...

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Jul 22, 2017 - More London!

A cool morning, and a walk over to Westminister Cathedral. This is the main Catholic church & (of course) is overshaddowed by Westminister Abbey. But, I had wanted to see it, anyway. It was truly lovely and quiet and peaceful ... a service going on and lovely music. Then: over to Westminister Abbey (no photos allowed!). We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get inside. We were here 30 years ago, so it seemed like a good plan to have another look. Aside from the crowds, it is really beautiful and all sorts of fascinating folk are...

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Jul 21, 2017 - London: Deanna, Erich & Boys Arrive

Lovely day! We spent a little time in the Victoria & Albert Museum. They have an amazingly huge collection that is truly wonderful. Then... we headed over to the London Eye. Met up with Deanna and family who had flown in that morning. After lunch, we took a ride! Really fun to spend the time overlooking the city. Then: some time to "play" in the Jubilee Gardens. After that, we went our separate ways for a while, and then met up again for dinner at an Indian restaurant. The boys (8 and 10 1/2) get "experience points" from their parents for...

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Jul 20, 2017 - First Day in London

A lovely first day in London. Covent Gardens (in the rain!) and then the Churchill War Rooms Museum. The underground bunkers where Churchill and his war cabinet worked and lived during the bombing of London, WWII. Our evening was a lovely dinner at an Indian Restaurant next to our hotel. We got a little nap before dinner and some decent sleep afterwards. Hooray! Tomorrow our daughter Deanna and husband Erich come into London with the two boys (8 &10)... can't wait!

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Jul 20, 2017 - Tower of London and Westminster

This morning we toured the infamous Tower of London site of numerous beheadings including Anne Boleyn and Thomas Cromwell. The crown jewels are also housed at the Tower and are on display to the public. We traveled by boat to Westminster and viewed the Parliament Building and toured Westminster Abbey. From there we walked across Westminster Bridge to board the London Eye for 30 minute "flight" on the giant wheel. From there it was on to dinner at the George Inn a pub that has been in operation since 1676 and is the only original gathering...

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Jul 19, 2017 - On Our Way!!

We are off on the first leg of our adventure. Actually,, first a 3 hour lay-over in Houston (not so adventurous!). Then we board United (hope they are nice to us!). After our long flight, we arrive in London at 7:30 a.m. and we'll be off for a full day of sight-seeing. (We're nuts?) Stay tuned for more fun and adventures. A full day with Covent Gardens (in the rain) and then the Churchill War Rooms Museum. Interesting to see where Churchill and his war cabinet worked and lived during the bombing during WWII.

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Jul 19, 2017 - British Museum - Guildhall - St. Paul's

Today began with a visit to the British Museum where we got an expert lecture on Assyrian sculpture and then toured Korean and Islamic exhibits. We also saw a statue from Easter Island and the Rosetta Stone. The museum is huge and while interesting it was quite hot and crowded which detracted from the experience. From there we traveled a short distance to the Guildhall Great Hall where all the trade guilds meet and once a year elect the Lord Mayor of London, not to be confused with the Mayor of London who is elected by the residents of the...

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Jul 18, 2017 - Hyde Park

After sleeping in to recover from the time change and a bit of jet lag we walked to nearby Hyde Park. The park is huge, over 600 acres in the heart of London. It was a beautiful day so there were loads of people in the park enjoying the nice sunny day. We walked all over the park and had lunch at a cafe at the Serpentine Lake. This evening we had an introduction from our tour director and then our instructor gave us a brief and fascinating history of the British Isles. We also met the rest of our tour group, 27 in all including Bill's...

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