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Mar 1, 2015 - Lincoln & Birmingham

Lincoln Auf eigene Faust erkundete ich am 14.2.15 die Stadt Lincoln einige Kilometer nordöstlich von Loughborough. Das Wetter war leider typisch englisch, dennoch beeindruckte mich die Stadt sehr. Über der Stadt auf einem Hügel thront eine riesige und sehr eindrückliche Kathedrale. Sie ist von fast überall in der Stadt zu sehen und zu hören (wenn die Glockenspieler den ganzen Samstag-Nachmittag am Üben sind...). Während die Unterstadt grösstenteils modern und mit einer "Waterfront" ausgestattet ist, ist die Oberstadt von vielen kleinen...

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Sep 30, 2013 - This Day

Today was a day spent searching for then reading The Guardian, having tea (on sale, see photo), and enjoying the Museum of Lincoln Life. Long walks and cozy cottage always waiting for us. "Definite breezy bits today and bits of breeze for tomorrow, though with sunny breaks through the day." 18' predicted. Spaghetti for dinner which follows Isle of Skye scotch (pictured previously) upstairs. "Upstairs" can be either way - if you go upstairs to the right you get to the first bedroom, then up 12 more windy, circular stairs you reach the...

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Sep 28, 2013 - We're in.

We've arrived, finally, in the 16th century. Living in this house is like going into a museum of life in the 1500s and being told you can live here if you like, and pretend, We've added a few things of our own, like five plug-ins to charge the phone, ipad, and both kobos (kindles), etc. Surrounding us are pubs and tea houses, THE Lincoln Cathedral and THE Lincoln Castle each only a couple of cobbled streets away. "Steep Hill is indeed steep!" said Scott as he got back from buying a newspaper. Beautiful, sunny day and we're off to find a...

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Apr 21, 2012 - Old Lincoln

The weather looked reasonable so we headed out to explore Lincoln. Whichever direction you come into Lincoln the Cathedral is clearly visible as it sits high on a hill. The hill on which the old town of Lincoln sits was first fortified by in the 1st century BC or Iron Age period. It was called Lindon meaning “hill fort by the lake” due to being built on a hill looking down on pools in the marshy ground of the River Witham. The Romans in 48AD built a fortified town which became known as Lindum Colonia and became one of the four regional...

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Nov 6, 2011 - Angies 1st blog entry

Last day in the UK today. It has been a mad, crazy rush packing and storing all of our belongings, whilst packing our bags to travel and cleaning the house. Needless to say I did something stupid and managed to lose the key to the shed. Lose is not exactly true, I know exactly where it is, after finishing clearing out the shed I remember the satisfaction of locking it and putting the key in my right hand coat pocket. I then took the coat off and put it in a bin liner and packed it in the middle of all our things. Just as I was leaving the...

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Nov 6, 2011 - First mini journey

So now we have travelled down south ready for our trip to Heathrow tomorrow. Waiting till 2 o'clock as we can only check in 24 hours before departure is a drag, I expect that the system will be rammed with everyone having the same idea. Having our last Sunday lunch for a while today and looking forward to much more interesting drivel than this once we get going :)

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Nov 1, 2011 - packing away

So, only 6 days before we go although the events in the world seem to be out to stop us, floods in Thailand and Cambodia - border disputes between the 2, earthquakes in New Zealand, Floods in Brisbane and now snow storms in New York as well as the grounding of all Qantas flights- ho hum keep on trucking on. Ang is busy packing all the stuff away and I am busy lifting it :) Was supposed to get my eyes lasered today but have been told that I can;t as I need post operative care for a month so that was a bit of a downer but I can get it done...

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Oct 10, 2011 - Jabs

Ouch!! We have started getting our jabs for our jaunt, most of them are free but some you have to pay for, the rabies jab is an expensive one, it takes 3 jabs and the total cost is £125!! I did say it would be cheaper to kill all the dogs but apparently there are monkeys and bats to worry about as well so its better to be safe than sorry. We have booked a road trip whilst in the states heading from Georgia to New York staying at a number of places on the way - Nashville Tennessee, then the smoky mountains in Kentucky and West Virginia...

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Sep 22, 2011 - Flights around the world all booked and paid for

We have now booked our flights leaving UK on 7th November 2011 and returning to the UK on 28th July 2012!! 7/11/2011 fly London to Atlanta 05/01/2012 fly Atlanta to Christchurch New Zealand 27/02/2012 fly Auckland to Melbourne Australia 02/04/2012 fly from Brisbane to Cairns 10/04/2012 fly from Cairns to Singapore 28/07/2012 fly from Singapore to London Now in the process of sorting out the little things like car hire, hotels, hostels, accommodation (only some), travel insurance, itinerary in various places, visas, jabs, selling cars,...

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Jun 17, 2009 - Lincoln Town and Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln town in Lincolnshire is perched on a hilltop and is surrounded by flat landscape. The walk up to the cathedral is called "Steep Hill Road" very appropriately. The town rises on a cliff on the Rier Witham. The Romans founded the first fortress on the site at around 50 A.D. During and after the Conquest, Lincoln was an important center in England after London, Winchester and York. During the Middle Ages, Lincoln had the largest population of Jews who figure prominently in Lincoln's history. St. Hugh, who was once, bishop of Lincoln,...

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Jun 15, 2008 - Arrived in England

At last we arrived in England after @ 32 hours in the air and in various departure lounges! We touched down at Heathrow airport in London a little late due to George Bushes visit to Europe (so I heard). We picked up our vehicle for the trip, a Peugeot bus with all the bells and whistles but left hand drive (a little daunting having to drive in London on the wrong side of the car). Driving up to my (Andys) Parents in Lincolnshire we stopped at a "Service Station" where you can buy all sorts of fatty food while travelling on the the motorway...

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Apr 19, 2008 - Lancaster

Those interested in WWII will be interested in the fact that we stumbled across an air field that ran a Lancaster airplane up and down the runway. There are only two of these planes in the world that are actually flight worthy, so coming across this was very fortunate. Matt was over the moon by our fortune stumbling across this. The Lancaster was a well known bomber that flew in WWII, and in addition we met a gentleman there that flew 29 missions in WWII flying in Lancasters. He told us stories of his journeys, how his plane crashed on the...

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