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Apr 25, 2015 - Day 11. Litchfield to Buckingham.

Day 11. 25/4/15. Nice relaxed breakfast then we went for a walk into town, which was all of about 100m. Surprise, there was a market on, and I love the English markets. This wasn't huge, and although I knew I couldn't buy anything big, I still needed to look. I did buy some safety pins to hold my pants up! I wanted to buy some hair mousse, but they came in a box of 12 (for £1) and the lady wouldn't sell me one! Said she couldn't then sell a box of 11. A fellow traveller at the hotel told us twice that we should go to the Arboretum, which is...

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Apr 24, 2015 - Day 9. Wyke.

Day 9. 23/4/15. We had a little sleep-in, but had breakfast with Garth before he was picked up to go to his Respite Group which he attends twice a week. He was quite confused and didn't remember who we were at first, but Ian gave him a cap with a kangaroo and Australia written on it, and that seemed to please him. Friends who had stayed in our house with Carole and Garth some years ago (we were away in the van), took the opportunity to meet us, and we went to Shibdon Hall and had a big walk around the grounds, followed by a 'light' lunch...

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Apr 24, 2015 - Day 10. Wyke to Litchfield.

Day 10. 24/4/15. Not too early out of bed this morning as Garth is home all day. Leisurely breakfast, then pack the car and a sad farewell to Garth and very sad goodbye to Carole, with a few tears in the car as we left. A difficult road ahead for Carole, but 'for better or for worse'. We'd decided to keep off the main motorways as much as possible, and drove through some beautiful English countryside, with over every crest, a different vista. We did get confused and took some wrong turns a couple of times, but that will teach us to go...

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Feb 15, 2015 - Nottingham & Leeds

Nottingham Auf eigene Faust erkundigte ich Nottingham, die nächste grössere Stadt im Norden. Speziell in Nottingham sind die vielen von Menschenhand gefertigten Höhlen im Sandstein, unterhalb der Stadt. Diese dienten als "Hauserweiterung", Vorratskammer, "Grümpelkammer" oder als Schutz vor dem Krieg.
Weiter kann man besichtigen: - Brewyard Museum: Alte Häuser, eingerichtet mit alten Gegenständen.
- Ye Old Trip to Jerusalem: Der älteste Pub in England.
- Nottingham Castle: Mit schönem Park, toller Aussicht und...

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Jan 21, 2014 - Arrived home safely

We are back safe and sound and in spite of arriving to failed central heating! Brrrrrr! (which our service contract fortunately sorted out within a couple of hours before we went to bed ...with hot water bottles!) we are now snuggles in, starting sorting everything out and watching the Melbourne Open on Euro sport. Quite a change from watching it in Melbourne in the heat!

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Oct 17, 2013 - Croatian Islands

It's been quite a while since I blogged so I don't know where to start. Croatia is such a beautiful place - so many old walled cities dating back to 2nd century and even earlier and so much natural beauty - pristine lakes and unspoilt countryside. We've had a perfect mix of history and nature. Doing a lot of walking and stil a lot of eating & drinking but one must sample everything local! We've been staying the last 2 nights on the isle of Korcula off the Dalmation coast . Off to Dubrovnik today which will be our last stop before heading...

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Oct 10, 2013 - Croatia

Right now I'm feeling very invigorated! We've just done a 2 hr hike through the national park (as per photo). The autumn colours were incredible and there was waterfalls, lakes that just seemed to change colour from blue to turquoise, crystal clear. Such a contrast to the drive to the park where we went through small villages where the houses were covered in bullet holes and in a lot of cases had been reduced to rubble. Our guide, a Croatian, talked passionately about the war and the history of the Croatian people. It made me realise,not...

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Oct 9, 2013 - Croatia

Another day, another country! Have just spent the last couple of days in Slovenia and loved it! It's so scenic in particular lake Bled where we were rowed over to the small isle of St Mary. Also went up the cable car to the top of Mt Vogel, a popular ski resort - no snow yet though. Anyway, we arrived in Croatia today and so far it's living up to its reputation of also being a beautiful country. Today for lunch we had wine and truffles. We had it mixed in with our pasta and it tasted pretty good but Too expensive to bring any home! The wi...

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Oct 6, 2013 - Venice

A quick blog but there's a few things I have to say about Venice. First, I love it! My favourite city so far. Made up of 120 Islands all joined by a magnitude of bridges. You could be here for a year I think and still get lost in the maze of little lane ways, canals and bridges. The most amazing thing is St Marks square - because it's sinking and it's the lowest part of Venice, every high tide (4 times a day) the water bubbles up through the paving stones and it floods. They have tp put planks up around the square for people to walk on. The...

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Oct 3, 2013 - Florence

Just back in Florence after spending afternoon in a medieval village in the Hills of Tuscany. Enjoyed eating gelato and gazing at the beautiful countryside, the hills lined with grapevines and olive trees. Dinner last night was in a 900 yr old castle where the family still live. They have a wine making business and we went down to the cellars (which used to be the dungeons). As well as a labyrinth of vats there was evidence of the torture chambers - creepy! Fri - on the move again, Venice here we come.............

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Sep 29, 2013 - Amalfi Coast

Bonjournio, Here we are at a 'seaside' village called Maori on the Amalfi Coast. It was quite a hair raising trip getting here over the mountain range. I had to shut my eyes a few times when we were passing other cars on the tightest hair pin bends I've ever seen. Yesterday we were at the ruins of Pompeii. What an incredible place with such an amazing history. To think when they started excavating they actually found the remains of people who had been buried nearly 2000 years before. Off to the Isle of Capri tomorrow but first dinner in a...

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Sep 28, 2013 - Bonjounio Roma

We only have I hour wi fi here in Rome so probably just a quick blog and no time to add photos plus I keep forgetting I can only upload photos from the I pad and I keep forgetting to take photos with it. Anyway, Rome, what a magnificent city, so much history and beautiful old buildings. Yesterday we went to the main tourist attractions - the Vatican, the queue to get in was at least 500m - 1 km! It was worth being with a tour group just to fast track the queues. It was absolutely packed but amazing just the same. The colosseum was the...

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