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Jun 28, 2008 - Horsham (ENGLAND) - Planned rest and recovery for a three night bender!

The drive again was great. I made it in decent time due to the speed of the car!! Not the driver - the car! I got lost, well not lost so much, just missed a few turn offs that took bloody ages to get back to because the motorways have very few exits at times and the worse one I missed stuffed me right up coz I got stuck in a shitload of road works!! I left Sunderland at about 10.30 and arrived in Horsham about 20 past 5. I had tried to ring ahead and let Steve, my brother, know I was heading down to see them, but I couldn't get thru, so...

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Jun 28, 2008 - Horsham (ENGLAND) - Family ties.

Made it back to Horsham for about 2.30 - 3 o'clock. Nick was down from London for the weekend and Liam was back from South America so it was great to catch them both. Met their girlfriends as well as they were there for the BBQ. I had stopped on the way home to buy some scotch, the beer was killing me. Had a couple to start off with but got into the scotch later on, which felt much better and a lot less bloating! Steve's best mate, Dave, was also down from London so we had a great night with plenty of laughs and good music. Nick and his...

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