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Oct 7, 2018 - Falmouth

@@@@@@@ BACKGROUND Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – England chapter Bath and Southwest England has to say about Falmouth: “Few seaside towns in Cornwall boast such an arresting location as Falmouth, overlooking the broad Fal River as it empties into the English Channel. Backed by green hills and blue water, Falmouth is criss-crossed by cobbled lanes, salty old pubs and trendy cafes. It makes an ideal base for exploring Cornwall’s south coast, and has a wealth of bars and bistros, a trio of beaches and the nation’s foremost maritime...

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Jun 25, 2018 - Monday 24th

Dear all, Well on Tuesday we visited a town called Port Isacc. Have included two photos of the town. Did you recognise them from Doc Martin the TVseries. They look exactly the same. Because of the weather English people are out in the sun so have included a photo of one of the few sandy beaches in England and people were in swimming. The water temperature would have been about 18'C. No swimming for this girl. Kind regards, Dianne

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Our Big Trip

Feb 12, 2014 - Lands end to St Ives

Unfortunately the museum and cable station at The Lizard were closed due to winter and the poor weather. On around to Lands’ end – and it definitely felt like the wind was right off the North Pole where our eyes were spontaneously watering trying to keep our eyeballs wet and our fingers were in the third stage of hypothermia before we had even reached the edge of the coast where the sign post is…!! Yep, have photos to prove as I couldn’t see a thing! Pete had told us about the tin mines along the coast heading NE from Lands’ end and we...

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Jul 19, 2013 - Falmouth & a low-flying pigeon

Didn't expect to be here in beautiful semi-tropical Falmouth tonight because we were thinking we'd be staying in Truro, Cornwall. However, we found ourselves spat out on the south side of Truro (by our unerringly accurate GPS instructions) so thought we'd look for somewhere to stay on the south side and the next minute we were in Falmouth. Everything is so close together here and our map is of such a large scale that we always find it surprising how quickly we arrive somewhere. We're also using a road atlas, 'Philip's Navigator Britain',...

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May 7, 2013 - Saint Michael's Mount

Falmouth is the largest city in Cornwall, the region hanging out from the southeastern English coast like a tail. Mining used to be the way most locals made a living; these days it is the tourists that get mined. It is surprising that cruise ships stop here since the harbor is not up to housing us. Just like our last visit, we had a twenty minute tender ride to shore. But the locals make us feel so welcome. They line the piers and shores, loaded down with friendly smiles, maps, brochures and tourist info. The sunshine and blue skies felt...

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Sep 4, 2010 - land's end

Falmouth is in Cornwall, at the far southwestern tip of England. Its climate is far milder than its latitude would suggest, because the Gulf Current brings warmth (and tar balls?) from the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the lush plants we saw growing here would be just as happy in the Carolinas in the US. Sir Walter Raleigh, a pirate who plundered with the royal blessing, was one of many who took advantage of the deep waters and many inlets. Smugglers also made a great living here, importing goods without having to pay customs fees. Since Roman...

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