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Sep 7, 2016 - Coventry

Before I talk about Coventry's two cathedrals, I want to do so about driving in Scotland and England. Yes, there is more to discuss. First, be prepared to get lost. Road signs are generally small and appear right before you have to turn when you are going to fast to do so. Also, street signs in towns and cities are often hard to find and/or see. So, don't get too frustrated, and enjoy the ride. Second, I saw two more great town names: Gigglesworthy and Wigglesworthy. Now, how would you like to say to someone that you lived on one of those...

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Jan 31, 2012 - Collecting the new Car

Today we collected the car from Coventry. Nick our salesman went through all the bells and whistles before the hard part of handing over the money! We drove it back to Towcester – it was really nice to drive. Think we will enjoy travelling about in our new chariot.

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Jan 28, 2012 - Purchasing a new car

We both did not sleep late so we walked down to the local supermarket Waitrose and we were standing outside ready for them to open at 8am! After breakfast we headed to Coventry in Martin's new to him BMW to look at and test drive a SEAT Ibaza 1.6TDI ST we had seen at the local dealer and had provisionally reserved. The salesman we had contacted was not in due to his wife having a baby but another salesman Nick took us for a test drive. We were very impressed so struck a deal to buy the car. Although just over a year old the car only had...

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Aug 19, 2011 - Coventry

After lunch headed north to Coventry, where we visited both the new and old cathedrals, the old was destroyed in world war 2, it was a shame, but that some of the beautiful buildings were destroyed, on to the statue of Lady Godiva. I must say i am getting quite a education on this trip, so much history i did not know, or maybe i just did not listen in school 20 years ago more like it.

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Jul 20, 2009 - England

England, this "green and pleasant land", in the words of the poet William Blake. It's green because it rains so much - although the same has been true in Canada this summer. And Asia gets pretty torrential at times. It was exciting to be flying back to the old home land. Blightly. The place where I was born. These days I'm a foreigner in most of the places I visit and live, have been since I left England 16 years ago. You never really get used to or accept it. So seeing the small and densely populated houses on the final descent to...

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Asia Journey

Jan 5, 2007 - Planning

Ok, this is a first entry for me to work out how the site works. Its less than two weeks before I leave and I still have to: arrange finance (set up a new bank account), book the inca trail - currently awaiting info from a friend - you know who you are, plan luggage - not easy when your itinerary includes Brazilian jungle, beaches, and a 6000m trekking peak, and sort my email lists out. Oh, and paint the kitchen, tile the walls and generally leave the house in some sort of order for my new lodger, Merrick.

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Oct 21, 2006 - Journey Home

Today we make the 9884 mile trip home. Our plane was from Melbourne to London via HK, and had departed Australia before we had gone to bed in Hong Kong. As this was the final leg, we booked a limousine to take us to from the hotel to the airport at 5am. After check in and immigration, where we got our 3rd departure stamp for Hong Kong! And our last one of the trip. The captain announced flying time of 12hr 40mins, which sounded very daunting indeed, but I have to say it was not too bad, I got some rest and watched a couple of classic...

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Sep 19, 2006 - Journey Begins

The day of the adventure begins. Its hard to believe that all the planning ( well done martin, you are in the wrong job) is now over and the adventure is finally here. The day was spent relaxing, and me being me I was doing some last minute packing, and double checking , including that ever important passport, and money, the checking the house had I turned everything off in the house, all the normal stuff you would expect. Time of departure is 1715 in a taxi to the station, as I leave the street I am overwhelmed by a small number of text...

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