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Jun 11, 2017 - Chichester

This morning I am heading to Chichester to see my friends from Rangiwahia, where I grew up. Craig (who actually is my cousin) married Toni (after he met her in England eholst doing his OE travelling). They lived just near me and Toni and I ran together most mornings. After I left Rangi, we still kept in touch and about 8 years ago Craig had an Aneurysm that almost killed him. It was only through Toni's determination and strength I think he survived and has recovered as well as he is. Sadly though due to irreparable brain damage he could mo...

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Apr 19, 2014 - Lunch at the Horse and Groom

Saturday April 19 We both slept well and were up shortly after 8:00 a.m. The rest of the household was already up. We entertained Edie (or Edie entertained us) for a bit while Chris prepared hot-cross buns, cinnamon buns and toast for breakfast. Afterward breakfast, we all took the short walk into Romsey. Katy and Chris picked up a few foods items at the Saturday market in the town square, and we walked around Romsey Abbey on our way back home. We left Chris, Katy and Edie after taking a few photographs and drove towards Chichester where...

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Jul 7, 2013 - The Novium-Chichester museum

This was an interesting museum with an interesting Latin name. The bottom floor was the Roman Baths model and parts of the original excavated. don't show up much on photos. On the wall at the back they showed a film of how the baths would have operated and what people did. The men were talking (having learned discussions? Playing games, (board and kicking a ball around) having massages, having the hairs plucked from their legs!! eating oysters, drinking, doing business (money changing hands). And the women?? Other than providing services...

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Jul 7, 2013 - Walking round Chichester

some interesting things about the cathedral Its bell tower fell down and so they built a different one alongside the original building By the time they rebuilt a tower on the cathedral it was a different era of architecture. Went inside and had a rest and listened to the organist practising, and watching the sun come through the stained glass windows No matter where you go in the city centre (inside the Walls) you can see the tower. it took me ages to decide which two photos to use; have photos from every angle! Like Exeter the...

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Jul 7, 2013 - Chichester focus on gardens

SO many photos today and getting harder to decide on just a few. So I've pulled out the garden related ones. The biggest garden area was in what used to be the Bishops 'palace' gardens. They are now public, which was diplomatic on the Bishops part! They not only have good gardeners, they have someone with an eye for design Chichester has flowers everywhere. Even the toilets dont miss out Its a risk you take if you buy or rent a house backing onto the wall. Everyone inspects you back yard! In addition to the other...

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Feb 21, 2013 - Tangmeer Air Museum

Although sunny it was bitterly cold so we decided a museum day was in order. Just outside Chichester is the Tangmeer Military Aviation Museum situated in a corner of the old RAF Tangmeer airfield which operated, 1916 through to the post-war years closing in 1970. We had visited a number of aviation museums in the past but this was in fact a bit different. Yes it had the usual display of aircrafts but this museum had some unique exhibits which spelt out the importance of the Tangmere air base. The one we were both fascinated with was the...

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Feb 7, 2013 - Chichester

After several days of heavy rain and spending time trying to book campgrounds in Belgium and Netherlands which was a bit of a roller coaster we decided we needed to do a bit of tourism. We had stayed near Chichester just before Christmas but with everything that happened at the time we never visited Chichester town. We rectified that today. Chichester was an old Roman settlement. Today the town is dominated by the Chichester Cathedral. The Cathedral was begun in 1076 and completed in 1108. Although Norman the cathderal had a modern feel due...

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Sep 12, 2012 - Chichester

Wednesday September 12 After a quick breakfast we drove into Chichester to spend the morning looking around the city. We had hastily visited the city yesterday to deal with the phone and today we had an opportunity to look around and see some of the more interesting sights. We toured Chichester Cathedral (construction began in 1076) and spent some time admiring the old and new in the architecture, stained glass (the Marc Chagall window 1978), tapestries (the Piper Tapestry woven in France in 1966) and sculptures. Quite by accident, we...

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Aug 24, 2012 - Walk along the bay and Roman Palace

Today we headed out towards the coast near Chichester east of Southampton and enjoyed a walk along Chichester Harbour. It was a lovely morning but the weather forecast was for rain later in the day. So we enjoyed our walk while it was fine. After our walk and lunch we headed towards Chichester, by this time the rain had started. We decided to head to the Fishbourne Roman Palace out of curiosity. What we discovered were the Roman remains of what was believed to be a huge palace the size of Buckingham Palace. The palace was unearthed when...

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Jan 19, 2011 - West Sussex

Hi Everyone Said goodbye to Tina & Nikolas. Had a few tears as we won’t see them in the flesh for a fair time. They had a fantastic trip and squeezed so much in even though the snow followed them where ever they went. Had a coffee and chat with Denise before we set off on our travels. Lovely to catch up again. Paul spent the day fishing with Geoff Skates (his old boss) near the lock at Sonning on Thames. For 5 hours they sat on the river bank in the freezing cold and did not get a single bite. The pair of them must be mad :--) Robin, who we...

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Jan 5, 2001 - 1974 August 3 – ENGLAND - Chichester

Today I took the train to Chichester to see the ancient Chichester Cathedral, which was built in 1108 A.D. It’s hard to imagine anything lasting so long – 866 years! Our country wasn’t yet even a twinkle in our founding fathers’ eyes and wouldn’t be for another 650+ years. What stories those walls could tell!

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