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Jul 21, 2018 - Mersin

We now made our way to the southern Mediterranean coast and enjoyed a 4.5 hour run through Aksaray on brilliant roads. A toll road section was excellent but very expensive when compared to those in Greece or Italy. Our arrival into Mersin was welcomed by heat, traffic and dust. Both the heat and dust were bad enough but drivers were shocking. We were glad to reach our very comfy hotel for our short break. Hotel staff were once again great but had little understanding of English so our iPhone translating app was put to heavy use. At dinner...

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Sep 23, 2014 - Mersin

Strangest hotel room I've ever had, what were they thinking? Somewhere an architect and or designer are very pleased with themselves for the quirky design of the rooms but I had to ask why? I entered the room after midnight and immediately thought they'd given me the key to some kind of storage area, all I could make out was a red painted concrete floor leading into a dark corridor and a window. When I got the key in the electric slot the lights gave a dim glow into what looked like a 70s nightclub - a room with wall to wall, white bench...

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Jun 2, 2012 - kamisli to Mersin

Saturday 2/6/12 kamisli to Mersin 35ks on bike about 4hrs on buses We had a great nights sleep. Ready now to leave the mountains and head to the coast. Nickie has been troubled by a cough before leaving NZ, a dry choking cough especially at night. The air here is very dry and dusty, and doesn’t help the sinuses either. Our butcher host made us chai before we left. It was sad to leave the mountains, people are so friendly and helpful. About and hour of downhill coasting to Pozanti, a large town at the bottom of the valley and river running...

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Oct 25, 2010 - Into Turkey

Latakia (Syria) to Mersin (Turkey) There was a short drive to the border with a suggested short stop at Ugarit where there were bronze age ruins. Those who arrived early were deterred from stopping at all by a heavy shower. This was the point at which Stuart and Angela realised that their windscreen wipers were not working. Latecomers were deterred by lack of money as most Syrian money had been transferred into fuel tanks since fuel is more expensive in Turkey. We offered our last Syrian note, a coin and one US dollar and were allowed...

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Rallye Med 2010

Feb 1, 2007 - Eastern Mediterranean

We deliberated about skipping the Eastern Mediterranean and driving inland - another several hundred miles of beach and tourist towns did not appeal to us. From looking at our map, we also found the road from Alanya to Silkife (e.g. the southernmost area of Turkey) was nothing but a series of squiggly lines denoting a long and winding road. Thank goodness we persevered as the E. Mediterranean is not only stunningly beautiful (despite the 200+ "S" curves along the water!) but it is undeveloped other than the odd holiday resort devoted to...

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Feb 27, 2005 - Mersin

We arrived ın Mersin around 7 PM and went to the apartment where Sinan lived while he attended University. The apartment hasn't been lived in for over a year and was very dusty. We camped out there that night and planned to check into a hotel tomorrow. Once we had arranged our camping sitution and had purchased some water and juices we headed into town for dinner and entertainment. Mersin is the home of the "Tantuni" and we went to the local dive, Mert, that serves the best in town. This a spicy beef wrap ın two delicious pita-like bread....

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