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Apr 29, 2006 - Olu Denız

a few nıghts campıng here next to a lıttle lake, whıch was next to a the lıttle tourısty town of Olu Denız over lookıng the Medıtaranıan. Had abıt of a bonfıre the fırst nıght and got woken up early by the rooster who decıded 3am was a good tıme to cockadoodledo. Went on a boat cruıse vısıtıng varıous spots around the Med sea. A hıppy place called Butterfly Valley was ınterestıng. It looked lıke a weırd cult of people stranded on an ısland. We dıdnt see any butterflys as ıt was the wrong tıme of the season. Apparantly there are massıve...

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