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Mar 26, 2015 - Shepherds and Troy

March 26 We wound our way along the coastline and through the Ida mountains. I've been trying for days to get a photo of a shepherd with sheep in a field and not being successful so I finally asked Mutlu to ask Omar to stop when he saw a flock so I could take a photo. I thought she'd forgotten as we passed several and never stopped so I kept trying to shoot through the bus window. Just before Ayvaluk, he suddenly stopped and Mutlu announced a photo op. There was a shepherd with a bunch of sheep and goats. She went and asked him if we could...

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Oct 13, 2011 - Selcuk to Ayvalik

Back in the bus and off we go again. While we were driving Serdar gave us a but of information about the area we were driving through. There's heaps of olive trees, some of the 90 million olive trees in Turkey. The fruit for oil is handpicked and should be pressed within 24 hours. Olives are crushed and cold water added....the oil floats to the top and the other liquid is drained off and disposed of leaving extra virgin cold pressed olive oil. Riviera type olive oil is the second pressing. Soap is made from the 3rd pressing. A good tree...

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Oct 29, 2010 - St. John, Pergamon and fish at Ayvalik

I rushed to paddle in the Aegean after breakfast but was not tempted to strip off as it was cold. I had dressed in polo shirt, cut off trousers, sandals and fleece. I thought longingly of socks and shoes but my shoes were still damp from yesterday’s downpour at Pamukkale. The temperature did not rise above 13C all day and there was a howling gale as well. No swimming then. Let’s find something interesting to do. First stop was the Mosque in Selcuk, the village next to the ruins at Ephesus. It was a public holiday so the post office and the...

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Rallye Med 2010

Jul 2, 2010 - Swımmıng ın the Aegean

Kıds everywhere really are the same. Ayvalık ıs an ancıent seasıde town. Our hotel was on the ocean about a mıle form the town center. Leavıng Thursday mornıng, we walked along the shore and then took a stroll through town. One of the amazıng stops was a relatıvely small buıldıng - a former church wıth clock tower that had a mınaret added and had been converted to a mosque. As we saıd, Turkey ıs a secular country, but 97% of the populatıon ıs muslım - but very progressıve. Lıke Amerıca, relıgıon ıs not taught ın publıc schools, so kıds are...

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Jun 11, 2010 - Troy and then to Ayvalik

We leave Canakkale early in the morning and visit the site of Troy. Quite interesting especially as we can see the different periods by viewing the various methods of building – one on top of the other. In the days of Troy the ocean came up to the town but eventually filled in with silt and is now the plains of Troy, very productive land stretching for many miles to the waters of the Dardanelles. We then proceed to our pension at Ayvalik. A quick change and Farouk takes us to a beach for our first swim – in the Aegean Sea. Just beautiful...

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Apr 21, 2008 - Ayvalik, Turkey (via Gallipoli)

April 21, 2008 A 7:30am departure from our hotel saw us take the 5 hour journey to Gallipoli. On the way passing through some country side of Turkey which I must say is extremely green and our guide pointed out to us that water is not to far below the surface, so even in the summer months that land stays green most year round. The idea of getting to Gallipoli today was to see it with no crowds as Anzac day will be packed. On arrival to Gallipoli it was amazing site, but I will go into it a bit more as I will make another journal for Anzac...

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