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Aug 17, 2010 - Si Satchanalai - Thailand's Angkor Light

Si Satchanalai-Chaliang Historic Park, a part of the Sukhothai World Heritage Site, is off the beaten track and is much less visited than its Sukhothai counterpart. The Satchanalai ruins are similar to those found at Sukhothai, and date from the 11th thru the 14th centuries. In contrast to the Sukhothai ruins – which can at times be overrun by busloads of umbrella-toting, sun-phobic Orientals on group tours – the more rural Si Satchanalai ruins are blissfully quiet. It is very possible that a visitor to one of the Si Satchanalai sites will...

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Dec 15, 2008 - Si Satchanalai - rustic ruins

After leaving the Sukhothai World Heritage site, we headed north to another, related set of ruins called Si Satchanalai. On the way, we passed an amazing and very large golden Buddha on the roadside. This is new. Just after leaving here, we were saddened to come across a particularly nasty road accident with at least two dead bodies covered on the verge and a large crowd gathered around the vehicle which was completely trashed. We have generally found the driving much improved since we last visited..the increase in road usage seems to have...

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