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Jun 26, 2004 - "fit and fearless" in Krabi

Krabi was great fun and full of very pleasant, helpful people. Accomodation was cheap and beautiful, mainly because it is really rainy season there, so not too many tourists at the moment. This was good for me, because I wanted a decent room with hot water to wash mouse out of my hair!!! I did a Thai cooking course with a lovely lady called 'Ya' at the Krabi cookery school and met two english girls called Jo and Fran. We cooked lots of different thai dishes and then got to eat them all yum yum. I also learnt how to say 'sau a dee kha' -...

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Apr 6, 2004 - Chiang Mai Thailand

Week one in Chiang Mai. We arrived just in time for the Thai New Year, its now the year 2548. In Thailand and especially in Chiang Mai new years is a 4 day long water fight coined the Songkran festival. More on the festival later. The photos above are from our first few days and the bus ride in. We were fortunate to get here in time, all of Thailand shutsdown during Songkran and it can be difficult to get anywhere especially Chiang Mai. Our second day here we spent climbing at the local crag. After a day of climbing we drove to the...

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Mar 24, 2004 - Northern Thailand

Subject: Northern Thailand (and two weeks late) Hi all We have just spend almost two weeks in Chaing Mai, Northern Thailand. Small city, artificially place here about 150 years ago by a group of kings as a trade centre. Not so grossly tourist oriented as our last stop, as the people here do seem to have lives and reasons to be here, other than to serve tourists. Although there still is an excess of places to eat and stay, massage parlors full of bored looking women, and places offering to arrange tours (all to the same dozen or so places)....

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Mar 6, 2004 - chiang mai

Caught the night tain from Bangkok to Chiang Mai in the north. It was a fairly comfy journey although they didn't put the lights out in the carraige for some reason. Was highly amused by a couple from Bimingham at the station when we arrived. They were out here for a month, I think they'd brought a change of clothes for each day judging by their luggage: 2 massive suitcases and 3 large holdalls. Had to laugh. They were a nice couple though. After the general bedlam of Bangkok this place had a much more laid back feel. Had breakfast on the...

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Feb 22, 2004 - The Chiang Mai Thai Cooking School

We got to Chiang Mai safe and sound, despite Denis having to barter with airport staff in Luang Prabang over the amount of "Export Duty" he needed to pay on a metal Buddha head. Unfortunately we have drunk our last Beerlao (on the plane) and are now back to plain old Singha. Anyway, we have just finished our 5 day cooking course which was great fun. Each day starts with a different activity (see below) followed by cooking 6 dishes, 4 before lunch and 2 after, followed by Thai fruit in the season. The format works by you watching them cook a...

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Nov 29, 2002 - Chiang Mai

And then we flew to Chiang Mai, via Luang Prabang. Chiang Mai is a big city, but has some really nice temples in the middle. Otherwise it is like a smaller and calmer version of Bangkok. Nice to eat Thai food, though not that much different from other food round there. I was trying not to eat red and green curries, and a a result ended up eating some strange stuff, almost always nice though.

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Dec 15, 2001 - Thai Hill Trekking

Copyright 2004 David Rich 800 Words jdavidrich@yahoo.com T h a i H i l l T r e k k i n g Kai (easily remembered from Bridge over the River Kwai) took sixteen people from eleven countries, shook us together for three days in the far north of Thailand and we emerged Thai hill-trekking buddies: three Slovenians, two French, a Kiwi, Scot, South African, German, Aussie, Swede, Canadian, three Thais, and we two Americans. Right off we found out why they called it hill trekking. The northern Thai hills resembled wet firewalls: straight up,...

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