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Feb 13, 2009 - Ao Nang - Diving

Having still not quite adjusted to the time difference, myself and 4 others went for a few beers and several games of pool. Not realising how late it was we ventured back to our hotel around 2.30am. This didn't help my quest of catching up on lost sleep, so 5 hours later I dutifully awoke and waited for my pick up outside the hotel. The weather was hot already and the prospect of a 2hour boat trip to the first dive sight didn't instantly appeal to me. However, I was excited at the prospect of doing two dives in tropical waters, a far cry...

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Feb 12, 2009 - Ao Nang - Islands Trip

An early start and we were soon all crammed onto a speed boat which set off at 35 knotts across to the first port of call 'Monkey Island' where we went snorkelling for 40 mins before a whistle was blown and we clambered back on board and set off to the next stop Maya Beach (I think this is where The Beach - movie with Leonardo diCaprio was filmed, clearly not on a day like we went) the beach was small and remote yet a parking lot of similar looking speed boats were all parked up at one end of the bay (anchors embedded in the beach). Men...

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Feb 11, 2009 - Ao Nang, Krabi

A coach ride first thing in the morning to a mini people carrier to another mini people carrier to the hotel in Ao Nang arriving about 4pm (the only eventful happening was the large coach attempting to do a u-turn onto a 3 lane 'motorway' and not quite making it having to reverse but eventually making the tight bend). After booking a trip to visit various beaches on 4 different Islands in the Andaman Sea I set of to get an evening meal in downtown Blackpool, no sorry downtown Ao Nang it is clearly a very touristy town with a MC D and Burger...

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Jan 4, 2009 - Ao Nang - off the island

I know I'm a little ahead but this is fresh in our minds. We flew from Bangkok to Krabi today and then took a bus to this little beach town of Ao Nang. We're staying at the Ao Nang Grand Inn - right on the main street (across from McDonalds - just can't get away). AN is a busy town geared for the beach and diving. We're one of the only Americans we've seen - mostly Europeans - Brits and Germans. We're only here for one night (and we didn't get in until mid afternoon) so after a walk to the beach we walked towards the other end of town and...

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Jul 8, 2008 - Krabi - Ao Nang

Well off again. The bus arrived about thirty minutes late but made up for it with driving 150mph the whole way along on coming traffic (most of the way). We got to the border and off course had to stand in the most inefficient line with hundreds of other people. Changed time zones, who knew and then bussed another thirty minutes until, change buses again. After what seemed like fifty more breaks, we finally arrived in the middle of Krabi town, not exactly where we thought we would be left off. Krabi, though touristy, was gorgeous. We stroll...

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Mar 7, 2008 - March 5-7 - Finally into Thailand!

So, after a very long wait at the train station in KL (we had caught a morning flight from Borneo), we boarded our first night train headed for Hat Yai, Thailand. The beds were actually quite comfortable however our bedmates below and to the right were not...we enoyed the company of a two year old below us, and a 12 year old autistic boy to the right that thoroughly enjoyed 1) yelling and 2) running away from his family! We did manage to catch a few winks of sleep before we were stopped for Thai immigration, which didn't take long to get...

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Mar 7, 2008 - Ao Nang, Thailand

Ao Nang is the place I spent a year of my life between 2000 and 2001. It is located on the west side of Thailand on the Andaman Sea. This is a great place as it has the best of everything: ocean, nice beaches, huge rock cliffs, great people and great food. There have been numerous changes to the place in the 7 years since I was last here, mostly new hotels, different restaurants (many have closed while McDonalds and Starbucks have moved in) and more shopping. Through all of these changes, Ao Nang has retained much of what I really enjoyed...

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Feb 15, 2008 - Ao Nang, Thailand

Continuing our travels through some of Thailand's beaches, our next stop was Ao Nang. Ao Nang actually turns out to be just a strip of restaurants, bars, and minimarts along a main road. The city is more of a jumping off point for other beaches in the area. What you do is stay the night in Ao Nang, and in the morning, you go on a day trip to some of the nearby beaches. It works out to be a lot easier, since most of the beaches in the area are only accessible by boat! We decided to spend our first day in Phra Nang, which is a beautiful...

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Nov 12, 2007 - Rolly polely fish heads

So last night was the 12 hour train ride to Southern Thailand. It was not bad at all. My only major issue so far has been a severe lack of sleep. SInce I have gotten here I have only been getting 4-5 hours a night even though I've been in bed by 11 each night. Errrr. I am tired. ANways, the train was fine but difficult to sleep on. We arrived in Krabi and then had a 3 hour bus ride to Ao-Nang. Let me say being on a bus for three hours with poor AC in Thailand sucks. My t-shirt was saturated with sweat by the end. And I was starting to...

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May 18, 2007 - Ao Nang - Day 6

Today we puttered around Ao Nang. Being at the beach has made us kind of lazy. We spent some time with the monkeys- feeding them and watching them play. We also booked a 4 island tour for the next day because we found a good deal and it included snorkel gear.

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May 14, 2007 - Ao Nang - Day 2

We woke up early today and went straight to the beach. We walked down the beach until we reached a cliff with a boardwalk built over it to the other side. As we were walking up, Matt and I realized that there were monkeys everywhere- in the trees, in the small pool of water over the boardwalk and on the boardwalk itself. We were kind of stunned that they were just running wild yet, there they were, bold as brass and cuter than ever. Someone began to feed them bananas and it became apparent that they were very, very used to being hand-fed....

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May 13, 2007 - Ao Nang - Day 1

We left the island at 10am; the Danes had arranged transport from the resort via longtail boat to the pier. When we got to the pier we did not have long to wait until the resort mini-bus arrived to drive us the 2.5 hours to Ao Nang. The Danes kindly offered to drop us anywhere along the way but we decided, last minute, to ride along all the way to Ao Nang. We were very glad we did- it was just as they had described; a cute resort town with a good beach and lots of souvenir shops (but not too many). When we arrived we parted ways to seek out...

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