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May 15, 2012 - Montreux

Great views out of City airport over the Olympic village. Then one of the scariest things I've ever done, driving on the "wrong" side of the road in a mirror image of a car with my whole team as passengers, in Geneva rush-hour in the rain with the sat-nav barking at me in French. The one precious member of the team who doesn't swear heard a lot of expletives as the Swiss proved not to be so cordial with their driving habits. Managed to get the system changed to English for the next morning drive to the Factory in France but it took me...

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Jun 20, 2010 - Day on Lake Geneva

Trip to Switzerland, Provence and the French Alps. Day 1-Arrived 8 hours after we boarded…not too the worse for wear thanks to the fact we had Coach Plus with extra leg room, It wasn’t Business by any stretch. There was a party atmosphere as there were 28 Lebanese Exchange Students returning from all over the country after a year gone. It was scattered showers and temp of 50 degrees in Geneva. I’m always surprised how green,clean and quaint everything is.The trees are taller and more thick. We decided to go with a Tom Tom to save Greg...

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Jul 19, 2008 - Day off!!!!

So I have the entire day off. Im actually not that tired becuase I love it so much here, but Im not going to lie, its nice to sit on the computer and catch up on emails with no where to be. I didnt think Leysin could get better than last year, but it did. This group of kids is awesome. I know I said that about York, too, but these kids are really so great. Canyoning was a little uneventful compared to last year. The water wasnt near as high, but I think my over analyzing as to how dangerous it can be has psyched me out a little. I...

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May 11, 2008 - Montreux

Day 14 – Montreux We woke up about 7:30 am, feeling somewhat refreshed after a good night’s sleep. It looks like another beautiful sunny day, and we are thankful that we’ve had such good weather so far. We went up to the dining room for our continental buffet breakfast of cold cuts, cheeses, cereals, breads and jams. It was very good, and I am starting to feel more relaxed, now we have time to do things at a slower pace. After breakfast, we decided to walk to the Chateau de Chillon, a medieval fortress perched on a rocky outcrop on Lac...

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May 10, 2008 - Morges to Montreux

Day 13 – Morges, Gruyere and to Montreux We had a good sleep, and got up and got ready for our day trip to Gruyere. However, I had a scratchy, sore throat, and must have caught a cold. Oh well, probably because I was feeling run-down as well. We had two types of bread for breakfast – a braided white bread not unlike Easter bread (but without the fruit), and a dark, nutty Ticino bread, which was quite tasty. Once we got our luggage packed, we stuffed ourselves in the car. Actually, it was quite roomy, considering there were four adults, two...

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Jul 25, 2007 - Montreux and Chateau Chillon

Today I awoke to clear skies and sunshine. The last few days of clouds and rain seem to be over and what perfect timing, as today I took a boat cruise on Lake Geneva from Lusanne to Montreux and Chateau Chillon. The water was like glass and all the mountains surrounding the lake were crystal clear. It was a nice hour long ride to Montreux and I could have continued on to Chillon, but decided I should take the bus to make sure that the info in the book was correct. I have already visited Chillon once before, 3 years ago when Candi and I were...

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Oct 9, 2004 - Calgary - Frankfurt - Genf - Bern

So, nun sind wir wieder zuhause. Nach 9.5 Stunden relativ angenehmem Flug von Calgary nach Frankfurt (dank der Sitzreihe beim Notausgang, unglücklicherweise in der Mitte und so ist uns immer jemand vor der Nase rumgelaufen...) hatten wir mit dem zweiten Flug von Frankfurt nach Genf ein bisschen weniger Glück. Der Flug hatte Verspätung weil das Flugpersonal zu spät eintraf, konnte erst nach ein paar Warteschlaufen landen und war absolut eng gestuhlt. Dazu kam noch das grässliche Käsesandwich ;) In Genf dann gings rassig, die Koffer trafen...

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