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May 27, 2019 - Burgos to Leon

We arrived in Leon on Friday afternoon. It was our fourth day or our five day biking segment of our Camino journey. The experience has been very different than the walk. Sunny, a non biker, has reconfirmed that she should have her feet on the ground as opposed to on pedals. She literally hit the wall on the first day on our ride from Burgos to Castrojeriz. Early in the day she chose to follow a narrow walking path as opposed to a wider bike path and on a sharp corner a rode right into a cement wall. We found that following the Camino trail...

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May 6, 2019 - The Practical Path, the Spiritual Path and the Personal Path

The guidebook most pilgrims use follows a format that suggests you look at your Camino from three perspectives: the practical, spiritual and the personal. It is a reasonable approach. So, I’ve decided to write this entry with that in mind. The Practical: photos#1-11 I am more than half way along my Way. It is physically arduous, as you can imagine. The daily walk is usually 6-7 hours. On my last entry I was in Logroño. Leaving there, I climbed up into the mountains and lots of charming little villages. Vineyards and lovely countryside....

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Camino de Santiago

Apr 19, 2018 - Mansilla de las Mulas to León

Day 18 - El Camino Maximum elevation = 902 m, minimum & starting elevation = 791 m. 10 - 22 degrees. Mostly sunny. Another lovely morning. We headed out through the crumbling medieval walls of Mansilla de las Mulas. A short day today walking into a large city so the path was often close to a busy road and for a very short section, through Villarmoros, on the roads shoulder. A coffee in Puente Villarente at 7km and then a hard slog all the way to the Cathedral in the centre of Leon, 12km later. The only amusement: A guessing game of how...

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Sep 18, 2016 - Finisterre - lands end

When I first thought of walking the Camino, it was really Finisterre that called to me. I thought that, somehow, if I walked to the End of the world, reached out into the abyss, I might somehow feel closer to the one I lost. Turns out..... It is true. I scrambled down the granite boulders, found a crevice, and slipped in the program from Clinton's service I brought all this way. I had folded it into an arrow, the yellow and blue of the program mirroring the Camino colors, and pointed it out to sea. When Clinton & I used to walk together,...

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Sep 18, 2016 - Cathedral Santiago

The last 3 miles to the Cathedral we walked as a group. When you enter the square, you are among hundreds of pilgrims - all hugging, most crying .... And you become one of them. We attended mass, hugged the repository of the bones of St James, and witnessed the huge incensor , the " butofeimeiro" , swing in wider and wider arcs over our heads to symbolize our prayers " flying up to heaven" . The mass was in Spanish, con celebrated by about 8 priests and deacons from around the world, but at the beginning of mass, names are read for those...

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Sep 16, 2016 - To Mount of Joy

For the last 6 of 15 miles up to the Mount of Joy, I contemplated and prayed for all my grandchildren and godchildren- some revelations but I will save for later.... To get up that last mount, I listened to : " good to be alive", (made me laugh Clinton D!) Danny Boy, Life is Like a mountain Railroad, And at the top - Renee Fleming " Rusalka" - o Silver Moon I finished first. Now 3 miles to the cathedral & mass

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Sep 15, 2016 - To salceda

The days begin to merge, a routine emerges: hobble from bed to medicine bag, do some quick stretches, pack for the day, bandage feet, set luggage outside for next transfer, rush to breakfast & hope you consume enough coffee quickly to decipher the local " delicacies" arrayed before time to load bus to be taken back to the point on the Camino where you left off yesterday.... Concern yourself greatly with: Where are the checkpoints, have I consumed enough water & protein to make it to next checkpoint, have I consumed too much water & coffee...

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Sep 13, 2016 - To Palas de Rei

14.5 miles - in the rain. More later Just finished another 13 miles ( Wednesday ) & will write up in next entry... Days blending together.... Learning to keep my thoughts on putting one foot in front of the other as you slosh thru rain & mud, moving aside for faster paced pilgrims, but still noticing the beauty of path side trees covered with moss, ferns reaching for the rain, ancient churches weighted with prayers. Things I am grateful for with every step: my rain pants & goretex hikers, my rain coat from Bob & Ems, my silk liner socks...

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Sep 12, 2016 - Sarria to Portomarin

Beautiful day on the Camino, but maybe the last good weather for awhile. 13.5 miles so far today and rain a certainty for tomorrow they tell us. The " typical" cafe is a misnomer- some look like hippy communes, some have gypsies outside pretending to be deaf & asking for money so their partner can steal from you, some are charming little village places with balconies overflowing with flowers, some are modern cafes & pubs, some are just tables of fruit & water set up by kind people for pilgrims. " sufficient unto the day is the evil...

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Sep 11, 2016 - Triacastela to sarria

September 11 - St James is represented on the Camino both as the disciple and pilgrim of Christ's way, and as the ferocious " moor slayer" as his " bones" were discovered here in Galithia just in time to rally the locals against invading Moors. Legend has it that he slayed thousands in battle... Which was he? I think this depends on what you are looking for.... Another long but good day on the Camino with perfect weather... Calves aching & toe hurting, but enjoyed a massage and now sitting on a stone bench looking over a beautiful...

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Sep 10, 2016 - Finally walking the Camino- o'cebreiro to triacastela

Made it!! 14.6 miles today total and very grateful to have first day done! Weather perfect... Was not the first to finish but far from the last ( not counting a couple who called it quits for the day 2/3 down) ... Kept pace and enjoyed great conversations with the Dr & his wife... Incredibly beautiful lodgings again tonite with gourmet dinner, local wine and some sort of local after dinner drink that I am glad did not have to drive home after... Tired... But strangely at peace....

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Sep 9, 2016 - Cruz de Ferro, molinaseca and Palacio de Caneda

Making this entry from my own private jacuzzi, feeling a little guilty for touring from a luxury van today as we passed pilgrims treading many dusty miles... On the other hand.... Grateful the Lord has seen fit not to have me born a hundred years ago when widows had the " holy option" of sealing themselves in a chamber from which they emerged only after death... Despite no actual trekking today, Very emotional indeed to leave a token at the foot of the pilgrims cross at highest point in the Camino. I chose driftwood for clinton instead of...

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