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Nov 12, 2018 - Cuenca

As we neared our next stopover town, Cuenca, the landscape improved dramatically with rocky mountains, green valleys and clean running streams. It was a favourite area for us. The scenery may have been brilliant but the weather was wet, cold and windy with temperatures as low as 9C in some places. No matter, our Cuenca stop was excellent and the weather improved overnight. We covered quite a few kilometres walking the town which had plenty of cobbled streets and lanes and an interesting footbridge for us to explore. The only negative we...

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Apr 30, 2010 - Cuenca

@@@@@@@ KAPOORS ON THE ROAD Cuenca, another of Spain’s many World Heritage Sites, is a most enchanting city. It was inhabited during Roman times, but it wasn’t until the Muslim occupation that it won renown for its textiles. After being reconquered by the Christians in 1177, it became a backwater once again. The distinctive casas colgadas ‘hanging houses’ that draw visitors today date from the 16th century. The ancient town straddles an outcropping of rock standing between two river gorges. The resulting tableland in between offered a...

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May 1, 2009 - Cuenca

May 1st is Spain’s Labor Day! So Jason and I had a nice three-day weekend and decided to jump in the car and visit the small town of Cuenca that is about a two and a half hour drive east of Madrid. Cuenca is known for their “Casas Colgadas” (hanging houses). The older part of town is located high on a cliff overlooking the modern part of Cuenca, with houses built in the 13th and 14th centuries on the very edge of the gorge. It is quite a site to see! One of the “Casas Colgadas” has been transformed into a restaurant that Jason and I went to...

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Oct 26, 2008 - Mare and Tone and Two Days in La Mancha

There’s something Australian about the Spanish. Its not just the friendly relaxed people and their attitude to life that is appealing. In provincial Cuenca it’s their La Mancha landscape which in the south resembles nothing so much as the western plains of NSW with planted dry crops and merino sheep, or maybe it’s a spaghetti western we’ve been experiencing. Also, and un-Australian but Hollywood-ish, there are the ubiquitous bars-cum-restaurants that greet road visitors on the periphery of each small town. Once or twice a day we pull up...

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Oct 25, 2008 - Cuenca (25 October) - Spain

Cuenca is known for its 15thcentury casas colgadas (hanging houses), which are precariously positioned on a clifftop with their balconies projecting out over the gorge. We walked upto the old town over the Puente San Pablo (1902), an iron footbridge that crosses the ravine. Stopped outside the cathedral (famous for its abstract style stained glass windows) but we only had the half day in Cuenca and opted to spend our time in a traditional tapas bar just off the square rather than go to church. Free tapas with drink, huge bocadillos...

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Jan 21, 2008 - Photos of Cuenca

Cuenca is a world heritage site and an amazing medieval town. It is built on a steep hill with a gorge on either side and is very spectacular. It has been very hard to choose the photos to share, but hey, for those who are keen there will be a marathon slide night possible!

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Feb 4, 2005 - Madrid - Toledo and Two Blinds

Hola, I am little tipsy (from drinking wine) as write this now. As per my last message, I went to Toledo this morning. As I was having a free breakfast in the hostel, I made a new friend - Gigi, Chinese/Aussie girl. She said she wants to join me to the Toledo trip. We took a bus which was an hour ride. We got there and it seems like I am being haunted by the same planning problem all the time. We had no map, direction or any idea on where to go. But as luck would have it, there was a group of chinese tourists and they were being led by a...

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