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Dec 18, 2013 - China again for a little time

i have a grate and short two weeks in the farm, I wake up for a white day, all the farm was covered with new snow, all the farm dress white for my living and I was happy that I have a good to start moving again. Uncle Jo take me to the bus station, not after we do some job before I left, and I was on my way to my ferry. it was a long day for me, two hours in the Metro, and then I take two buss to the terminal, get it rung get off in the rung station, and after 2hours in the terminal I am I the ferry. that was nice ferry not that fancy bat I...

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Dec 1, 2013 - Wwoofing again...

that was a short week and I seen all Seoul, so I get my visa to china, that so easy wen you got to a travel agency my friends in Mongolia work for two days on that I do it in 20 min so easy, so I have some time before I have to go to china so I decide to go bake to my farm, Uncle Jo farm, it was plan in the start bat I didn't know how long bat I find some time to do that. so in my lest day in the guesthouse, they planning to close the place and I see them pack staff funny to see some one close a guesthouse, so I eat my breakfast, I finish...

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Oct 31, 2013 - Back north, Korea

I start to move back to Seoul slowly bat I go back. So the first day I live Ryan hose in the late morning, around 10am, after a cool breakfast that I make to myself, a noddle's with eggs that a great thing for the morning, and I start move out of the city, so I take a Metro to the area that I think I can get a car from and walk a little and find a nice spot to get a ride from in the highway, that not a good rode for rides, I stay there more or less 2hr biform some guy take me to the next city and buy me a ticket to Yasu, so I was lucky like...

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Oct 14, 2013 - East coast of Korea

I left Uncle Jo house and take the rode again, so that is the firs time I really hitchhiking so I didn't know what to expect from that bat I know that will be cool. so I find a nice spot a way from the rain that I get for my first hitchhiking, and start to look for a car. so it take some time and few cars that tray to take me to the bus stop bat in the end I find one, that guy didn't went far bat he tray to help me really bad, so we stop in a gas station and he start looking for cars that go to my city, after 10 min we take off and we stop...

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Sep 18, 2013 - jg서울seoul,korea

3 hours flight from Mongolia and I am in Korea, I find a gust and I have a friend next to the city so I am ready to go. so I landing in a new country bat this time I am file like nothing new to me, I know how to read and I know the money, bat I think more than that it that I know that I am so use for that that different country is jest the same thing bat different people. So the first thing I get some money, I need to read of some travelcheaks I have and it the first country that accepts that. so I am in the airport bank and I see the most...

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Aug 4, 2013 - Day 7 Walk through Cheolsan

On Sunday we were exhausted (at least I was!), and it was incredibly hot so we decided to have a more relaxed day and to check out Katie's neighborhood. We strolled up and down and main street and most importantly we explored the outdoor market which sells everything from an entire pigs head, to cooked meals, to shoes and homegoods.

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Aug 2, 2013 - Day 5 Seoul and Insadong

After our trip to the DMZ, we decided to explore Seoul some more before heading back to Katie's apartment. We walked around the central area a bit before heading to Insadong to do some shopping. We walked down the main shopping stet in Insadong which was crowded and hot, but very interesting. Now would be a good time to point out that other than the guided tour of and an incident with an elderly gentleman in the Busan train station, no one had spoken English to us on this trip. However we had a number of interesting experiences with English...

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Aug 1, 2013 - Day 4 Busan to Seoul

Today we took the trim back to Katie's apartment. But of course the journey could not begin without a trip for coffee (this time to Nescafé) before heading to the train. All of this time spent on public transportation gave me plent of time to ask Katie millions of questions about the city and people and for us to spend much time on wickipedia trying to find all of the answers. Once we returned to Katie's, we had a nice relaxing evening in of dinner prepared by Katie and American TV :) Aside from my bed (air matress) being in her kitchen as...

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Jul 29, 2013 - Day 1 Cheolsan

I arrived at Incheon airport after a 14 hour flight so see Katie jumping up and waving from behind a group of people waiting for passengers. She promptly took my suitcase, led me to the bus stop, gave me a pre-loaded tmoney card, and we were off for an hour bus ride back to her apartment in Cheolsan. On the way I peppered her with a barrage of question: the most important being where are we eating? And how far away is the stone bridge? After dropping off my luggage, we set off in search of both. - Beth

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Apr 3, 2013 - Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, the nation’s capital, is the heart and “soul” of South Korea. It is a mixture of chic shopping districts, traditional markets, historic palaces, towering office buildings and condominiums, crowded streets, and pulsating nightlife. When we flew in we were amazed to see literally hundreds of new high rise buildings, especially on the outer edge of the city. When our limo drove us through the city to our hotel, it still had many areas that had been rebuilt after the war and are now showing their age. Photos 1-3 An additional element of...

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Feb 14, 2013 - Carly's School and returning to Canada

We said goodbye to Bryan and took our packed bags on the subway to Carly's school where we got to meet her students and co-workers. There were other expatriates working there as well. The school is in a high-rise building. The gym is one floor down from the classrooms.The school is private and is a business. These children will graduate and then attend a primary school. The children were excited to see us. They kept calling Paul, Santa.They liked his white beard and hair. Lots of other children kept popping into the classroom to say hello....

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Feb 13, 2013 - DMZ

We took the USO Panmunjom tour. There was a strict dress code. We went to Camp Kim in Seoul at 8:30 am and had to present our passports to get our tickets. We board the bus at 8:45 and departed at 9 am. The drive was about an hour and we travelled along the barbed wire fenced highway that connects Seoul to Panmunjom called the "Freedom Road" or "Unification Road". The day was cloudy and really cold: -10 C. The first stop was the Third Infiltration Tunnel. This tunnel was discovered by South Korea in 1978 with help from a defector. When...

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