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Aug 21, 2019 - Day 8. Wednesday. 21/8/19. Pretoria

Day 7. Wednesday. Pretoria Another stop-start night.....what we didn’t know was that travelling by train in South Africa can be very slow. People walk on the rail track, some get knocked over - big holdup. Copper wire gets pinched, signals get damaged - big holdup. We are about 5 hours behind schedule, so looks like we’ll have lunch on the train before arriving at Pretoria sometime late afternoon. Doesn’t bother us, and a couple on the train who had flight schedule was bussed to Johannesburg. We passed a lot of slum area and one spot there...

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Nov 12, 2015 - Pretoria & Rovos Rail

November 5 – 8 Pretoria, Capital of South Africa, and Rovos Rail to Cape Town We arrived in Pretoria and stayed at the Angels Place Boutique Hotel and were favoured with an experience, … not a home-away-from-home hotel room. Rosemarie, the Owner, is in touch with the angels and has incorporated them into her 6-star boutique guesthouse. Eclectic and elegant is the only way to describe the hotel and the owner. The whole property theme is angels. Simply marvellous. Kari tried out the Angels wings, but they wouldn’t fit. We spent the following...

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May 23, 2015 - Dinokeng

Day 1. Got our bikes this morning had a quick stop at the Union building in Pretoria. We visited it the previous day with a tour guide called Gert. Massive new statue of Mandela. Then we took a ride to a Black township and had lunch in a shebeen. We had chicken,pap and marog. Some dancing was done. The we drove to the Dinokeng Big 5 Nature Reserve. This is the only reserve where you can ride with a motorbike through the game reserve. Had dinner in a Boma,next to a huge bonfire

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Trip Journal

Southern Africa

Dec 5, 2012 - Pretoria

Hi - Back in South Africa. Afraid I can't share with you how I managed to elude the quarantine restrictions. Statute of limitations still in effect. This has been an interesting trip. Aside from a half-day Gautrain journey to see the various monuments of downtown Pretoria I've been hanging out in the suburb of Hatfield catching up on my journal, enjoying the rain, and reflecting on the experience. Perhaps it's the thousands of miles I've put in over six weeks, but nothing entices me out. I'm staying at the 1322 Backpackers International in...

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Sep 17, 2012 - September 17 - Amsterdam

Just arrived at Amsterdam Schiphol airport and said goodbye to cousin Paula. We have seen and experienced some wonderful things and also thanks to cousin Ingrid and husband Chris' hospitality the three cousins have gained many interesting memories. I am almost halfway home and will follow up when the trip is officially over for all of us, with perhaps some more photos.

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Sep 15, 2012 - a small sampling of photographs

Safely back at Ingrid and Chris's house. Weather still chilly and rainy. Had a delicious dinner last night prepared by Ingrid, ending with a taste of Amarula, an African liquer similar to our Bailey's. The elephants often munch on the nuts fallen from the Marula tree giving them a slight touch of intoxication.

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Sep 7, 2012 - September 7, 2012

For the last three days we were told by the B&B people that Wi-Fi was available, but it was either not functioning 'at the moment' or it took ages to access. So here we are condensing several days into one update. On September 4th we departed at 8:45 for the Westcoast Nature Reserve were we almost had a Duiker (small deer) for supper but thanks to Chris' prompt reaction it ran away unharmed. The ocean waterfront was nice but not conducive to a walk as the wind was still bitterly cold. We finally arrived in Cape Town and were blessed with...

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Sep 3, 2012 - Sept. 3, 2012 by the ocean

We left this morning at a decent time and bid farewell to our great B&B hostess. Breakfast was planned in the town of Vredendal, but when we arrived there was a demonstration with a lot of police presence and it was decided to go to the next town some 60 km away. Breakfast turned into brunch at Nancy's place but was very good. While driving Chris and Ingrid got a frantic call from Angelique, the lady who works from their home in Pretoria that there was a break-in in progress next door. Being alone in the house, she was totally panicked and...

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Sep 2, 2012 - , September 2, 2012

Yesterday, September 1st we went to the Goegap Nature Reserve known for large areas of plants which in bloom change the "veld" to a multicoloured carpet of flowers. The reserve is situated 15 km south-east of Springbok and covers about 15,000 ha. As far as animal life is concerned, we saw Oryx and ostriches. I guess it was too chilly for the mountain zebra. Today we went to "Nieuwoudtville" waterfalls, which was quite impressive. Then we went to the "Kokerboom woud" (quiver tree forest) and then motored back to see more flowering...

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Aug 31, 2012 - August 31, 2012

Well we are in the desert flower region, but unfortunately it is extremely cold although the temperature tells us that it's about 13 degrees. The wind raging across the desert is responsible for four shivering tourists, who decided to shop for something warm to wear. Only Paula managed to buy herself a sweater. The rest of us suffer in silence. The forecast promises no improvement as a cold weatherfront covers the area all the way to Capetown, where weather warnings are in effect, so advancing our trip doesn't make any sense. This morning...

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Aug 30, 2012 - August 30, 2012

We left Pretoria on Wednesday morning at 6 am and drove pretty well all day to spend the night in Upington. Today was another full day of driving on looooong straight roads with pretty well nothing to see other than desert landscape. Interesting but perhaps a bit too much. After a few hiccups we found our way to a nice B & B in Naries, close to the city of Springbok. We did stop at Augrabies falls which is situated along the Orange River. The falls are 60 meters high and the gorge averages a depth of 240 meters and runs for 18 km. Quite...

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Aug 27, 2012 - August 27, 2012

After another long 11 hour KLM flight Paula and I concluded - with full agreement by the male flight attendant - that KLM's gourmet chef should be reassigned. Anyway the flight itself was uneventful spent reading and using my iPad as the entertainment screen was not operable. In the evening we were met in Jo'burg by enthusiastic cousin Ingrid and her son Francois after lugging heavy hand bags 5 km from the arrival gate to customs. Why do we do this to ourselves? We then drove to Pretoria and I think that our chatting is a good indication of...

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