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Apr 26, 2019 - Leaving Durban on cruise to Venice

Friday 26th April 2019 Durban to Venice Cruise through Suez Canal Day 1 Leaving Durban Up at about 7am and went to breakfast downstairs in the hotel. Then back to the room to pack up to go on the cruise which leaves today. We looked out our window and could see the ship moored at the dock, the MSC Musica. We had to check out at 10am, so we took our luggage downstairs (the lift wasn’t working so we had to carry our bags down from the 5th floor𦋙𦋙, which was quite an effort. We then went for a short walk in the town and then back at around...

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Apr 25, 2019 - Day trip to Lesotho

Thursday 25th April 2019 Durban to Sani Pass Lesotho Today we were up early again at 5am☹️☹️☹️☹️. We had to be downstairs in the hotel lobby by 6am for our day trip to Lesotho via the Sani Pass in the Southern Drakensberg Mountains. We met our guide and we set off in the dark from Durban in the early morning traffic, which was not really heavy. The day was misty, but as we drove past Pietermaritzburg, the day cleared to be very fine and perfectly clear. We reached Underberg, a small but busy town near the Drakensberg at around 8:45am where...

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Feb 3, 2018 - Down South

Well the long coach journey wasn’t too bad. The views of the countryside were lovely sometimes very reminiscent of England. Our guide spoke of some of the economic realities of South Africa. There is 28% unemployment and generally if a person does not have a job by the age of 24 they are never likely to get one. Education standards are another big issue. In a league table of standards worldwide only Syria and Yemen are worse than South Africa. This starts to explain some of the poverty we saw when driving through towns such as Ladysmith...

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Jan 10, 2017 - South Africa 2016/2017

December 10/11/12, 2016 Toronto to Munich, Germany We flew Air Canada from Toronto to Munich. We spent a sleepless 7 hour night flight in the back row, not only unable to recline our seats back but with the passengers in front of us reclined into our laps! We enjoyed German brewed coffee in the airport before stepping out into the festive atmosphere. The Christmas decor consisted of a large skating rink that was full of skaters, and a large, festive market. We hopped on the train ride for a 45 minute ride to Marine PLatte in Munich. We...

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Jan 26, 2016 - On our way home - conclusion

Our trip is at an end and we are our way home on an Emirates A380 (A6-EDF) just skirting round Syria as I write. Lovely plane this. Although I have been on one twice before, this flight is almost empty with little more than 150 passengers taking up the 400+ economy seats. So Gel, Samantha and I have all split up and have a row each. Mine has the best leg room you can imagine in economy. I can stretch them right out and for future reference should I want to book it, it is 81K (68A & K and 81A are also good seats). And it is not right in...

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Jan 21, 2016 - Return To Durban - Big Rush! Big Swing!

After some last minute activity (tennis and swimming) we left this beautiful place for a 3 hour drive back to Durban. What was dominating our minds was that after our experience at Adrenaline Addo we needed to have a go at the ultimate Big Swing. This was of course the world's tallest Big Rush, Big Swing as it is called at the 54,000 seat capacity Moses Mabhida Stadium which I mentioned when we were in Durban before the New Year. Would I have done it then? No way! Would Samantha have done it then? Certainly not! She even was scared going up...

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Jan 1, 2016 - Happy New Year!

Since the second day of the cricket, when Gel and Samantha hired bikes and rode along the sea front, we spent a day with two old friends of Gel's, Tori Brennan and Judith Whittaker. Tori and her husband, Toni, live in a pleasant area of North Durban and we were invited to lunch. This was a good opportunity to catch up with old friends (she and Tori were at school together). On New Years Eve, we started with laps of the Kings Park Swimming Pool. This was the second morning session for Gel and Samantha who was given some coaching by Simon...

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Dec 28, 2015 - At the Test Match

I don't propose to write a long report on the cricket other than to say this was a tremendous experience to be watching Test Cricket in another country and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. The photo gives some idea of the view from my seat although the ground is smaller and I felt closer to the action than the photo portrays. A good seat in the full shade of the North Stand all day and I still managed to catch the sun! The amazing thing is a day of Test Cricket here costs only about £7 compared to about £70 back in England. Today the...

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Dec 27, 2015 - We arrive in Durban

Flying from Gatwick to Dubai and then on to Durban largely down the coast of East Africa we had some great clear views of Somalia and the coasts of Tanzania and Mozambique. After a painless journey of some 14 hours of flying we arrived on Sunday evening in a cloudy Durban, to be met at the airport by Barry Jackson with whom we are staying for the next few days in Durban. He lives in Morningside, a suburb not far from the centre with his wife Sharon and two of his daughters, Emma and Laura. This is a pleasant residential area, but it was...

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Mar 12, 2015 - Mostly a travel day today

Since today was primarily a travel day, going by bus to Port Elizabeth and then flying to Durban, I thought I would just put down some random thoughts about things here. One of the things I love the most is how everyone smiles here and the black people especially have the most beautiful smiles. Amazing when you consider what they've been through with apartheid. The geography and vegetation is so incredibly varied, quite spectacular and always changing. I don't think we see the real desert on this trip, but this country has it...

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Mar 25, 2014 - Durban, South Africa

3/25 – 3/28 It took us three days and 1666 miles to make it to our next continent, Africa. Our first stop in Africa was Durban, South Africa. We took a ship tour that brought us about an hour outside of Durban to the Tala Game Preserve. Although we did not have the time or money to go on a serious safari, this was a good substitute (without the animals that bite). On arrival we got aboard a 4-wheel drive vehicle and saw many animals during our two hour drive. We saw: zebra, giraffes, hippopotamus, ostrich, rhinoceros, water buffalo and...

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Jan 1, 2014 - Durban

On the 1st Eddy and I left for Durban and we stayed at the Happy Hippo, a converted warehouse hostel, where I still am. I went on a good walking tour of the central old city yesterday with a local Zulu guide and of course to the beach! Warm water and great sand. Made another castle, but didn't get the same reaction as in Lubanzi. Still received some notice of it from the hundreds of people there. Lots of Indians here mixing in with the Zulu. Blacks do swim! :) Gotta go. Happy New Year! MM

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