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Jan 16, 2016 - Adrenalin Addo

There is an activity centre not far from here called Adrenalin Addo that has a zipwire, giant swing and canoeing. It is relatively in its infancy having only been set up in 2013 but this being a Saturday attracted several locals from Port Elizabeth while we were there. We pre-booked a 10.30 am slot and decided to do a detour through the park to get there. There have been sightings of lion over the last few days but they have eluded us and today was no different. At the Hapoor waterhole there must have been at least 60 elephants and we saw...

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Jan 15, 2016 - More Addo

The main gates into the park area open at 5.30am for those early risers who want to see the game as the sun rises and before it gets too warm. In fact today dawned cool after a bit of overnight rain so heat didn't come into it with a maximum of only around 20C. However we were there entering the park at about 5.35 and we were very soon rewarded with the early viewing of a giant snail crossing the road and a dung beetle tucking into some freshly deposited breakfast! We were very soon treated to a rarer sighting of a black-backed jackal and...

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Jan 14, 2016 - Addo Elephant Park

With the sun rising before 5am early beachgoers could be heard through our bedroom window. There were walkers, fishermen, cyclists and surfers out there though activity died down by 9am so they like to do their favourite pastime before going to work. Gel was up before breakfast for her constitutional run of over 2 miles along the beach. The surf was up and I heard some locals saying that it was the best it had been for some time. Because of this it must have been bringing in colder water from further out in the ocean because there was a...

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Apr 10, 2015 - Addo Elephant National Park

Friday 10th April 2015 Addo Elephant National Park No early morning game drive for us today. We woke up at about 8am and had toast for breakfast then after a bit of washing, we drove through the gates into the national park in our car on our own game drive. The day was fine and sunny and actually reached about 31C by the time we got back. As you can only drive at a maximum of 40km/hr in the park, you can spot the wildlife and stop, take photos and then move on. We saw many different animals and birds today including the secretary bird,...

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Apr 9, 2015 - Addo Elephant National Park

Thursday 9th April 2015 Addo Elephant National Park Up at 5am today for an early morning game drive. The morning was quite cold and foggy. The trip set off at about 6am and headed through the gate into the park. We had on all our warm layers and hat, scarf and gloves for the trip in the open truck. The first animals we saw were kudu through the mist. Our guide pointed out that they had longer front legs than back and this meant they were fast runners. He said they could run at a speed of 80kms and could maintain a speed of 55kms for 5km. We...

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Apr 8, 2015 - Storms River to Addo Elephant National Park

Wednesday 8th April 2015 Storms River to Addo Elephant National Park Packed up and left the lodge in Storms River Village at around 9:50am and headed off along the extremely good N2 freeway towards Port Elizabeth. We were surprised how little habitation there was with no houses, service stations or shops for about 100kms. We made really good time but slipped off the N2 briefly at a village to fill up with petrol and use the toilet. The N2 drove through Port Elizabeth and we kept our eyes open for a supermarket but saw one at exit 758 just...

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Aug 27, 2010 - Addo Elephant Park

Nach dem Kruger Park, sicherlich einer der besten Wildparks, die wir besuchen durften. Als Ausgangspunkt ein Gartenparadies eines gediegenen B&Bs eines alten, burischen Ehepaares. (Anmerkung: "Buren" sind die eigentlich Nachfahren der hollaend. Einwanderer ab 1600) Noch nie durften wir die sanftmuetigen Dickhaeuter so nah erleben. Eine einmalige Gelegenheit, sie gingen zentimeterweit am Auto vorbei, waelzten sich bloss 3m entfernt in einem Schlammbad, junge Bullen hielten Schaukaemmpfe ab, kleine, suesse Babyelefanten wurden in der...

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May 31, 2009 - Addo Elephant National Park

We could only get accommodation for 1 night within the park, but had some fantastic encounters with elephants during our visit. Initially the weather was rainy and we saw virtually no signs of life, however, on our second day driving through the park we were able to see so much! Our most memorable experience was when we were following some male elephants at a distance along the road, when the rest of their herd suddenly emerged out of the bush behind us. We found ourselves trapped between these (we hoped) gentle giants and had to sit...

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Jan 11, 2009 - Addo Elephant Park

After only a day and two nights in Jeffery’s Bay, we left for the Addo Elephant Reserve north of Port Elizabeth. With the exception of a potholed stretch near the townships outside of P.E., the roads were fine and we made good time. The Orange Elephant Hostel was recommended to us, and we reached it by noon. We set up our tent in the back field and made ourselves a quick lunch with the leftover food from our cooler. It was pretty quiet – there were only a handful of other guests staying here. We were going to spend the rest of the day...

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Sep 13, 2008 - Addo Elephant Park

South Africa – Addo Elephant Park 13/14th September After skirting around the riots in Durban (Zuma is acquitted following allegation of corruption) we fly to Port Elizabeth and then drive to an Orange Farm where we were to spend the next two evenings. A spectacular thunder storm and frog chorus (that put Paul McCartney to shame) and we were ready to start the next day at the Addo Elephant Park. Strangely we were not meant to see elephants in Hluhluwe but as is the case in these parks there is not script and no guarantees. We were told of...

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Trip Journal

Jo'burg to Nairobi

Aug 13, 2008 - Durban to Cape Town Overland Trip

Hey there, Just grabbing a few minutes to update you on my trip from Durban to Cape Town. Before I start I just want you all to know that I am getting your messages loud and clear and these messages mean so much, as I am really encouraged and so pleased you are still following my progress. Thank you!!!! OK lets start (by the way, my internet time is fast running out, so I will need to finish this entry later). My flight to Durban went without a hitch and arrived at the best Backpackers to date, the Happy Hippo. I stayed there for 1 night,...

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Apr 16, 2008 - Addo Elephant Park, South Africa

Addo Elephant Park – and time for some more game viewing. We got there in the afternoon and wow... we were so lucky. We drove to a watering hole and saw a herd of at least 30 elephants. There was a huge bull there in musk and numerous females and babies. During our night drive we found out from our guide that the bull is named John and that he is quite a dangerous elephant. He`s already killed 3 elephants in fighting and has been known to attack cars. What a magnificent creature.

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