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Oct 4, 2014 - Kirillov

In the morning we went to a lecture on Russian history from 1917 to 1985. Basically from Lenin to Gorbachev. Then after lunch we had a presentation on how the Vikings lived in Russia about a 1000 years ago. After that we took a bus into the town of Kirillov where we toured a local school. Schools here have primary, secondary and seniors in one building. Each segment occupies a floor with primary on the first secondary second and seniors on the third. We had one young girl of 15 sing a couple of folk songs for us, then another 14 year old...

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Jul 21, 2011 - Goritsy

July 21, Thursday, Goritsy We awoke on a very large body of water, the Rybinsk Reservoir over which we'll travel for about 140 miles. This is one of the biggest man-made lakes in the world covering 2000 sq miles. Its construction was started before WWII, and from the beginning was classified as confidential, and was constructed by prisoners from the GULAG. In the winter this plus all of the other rivers and waterways we will traverse freezes over, and, in fact, the first riverboat tours in May by GCT are made following icebreakers. After...

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Jun 11, 2005 - I'm alive.

Wow. So I'm here... getting here was quite a journey (luckly there were no mix ups, and I didn't lose any bags.. nothing was stolen either, so far so good) We flew to Frankfurt... had a quick layover there and then got on a plane to MOSCOW. I didn't get to see any of Moscow from above b/c of smog and my aisle seat. When we got there, though, I still didn't get any type of feel for the city- b/c we were on highways that (except for the old beat up cars and their very pushy driving) were pretty much were like any highway. It was weird,...

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Aug 16, 1976 - Nakhodka - Khabarovsk

Got up for breakfast and then spent some time on deck reading. It turned out to be a lovely day and I took a bit of movie film. We had lunch, and spent the rest of the time on deck until we docked at Nakhodka. At last we land on Russian soil and spent a while in the queue to get through customs. We were then taken by bus to the station and the train to Khabarovsk. We were in a small 4-berth cabin with a Canadian couple, Doug and Debbie Seaborn, but it was quite comfortable. We went for our meal at 7.30pm which was very nice. Stayed up and...

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