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Aug 3, 2008 - WE made it to TUVA!

Day 19-21 - Our Tuvan Experience PART ONE: Arrival Well we're here! No one speaks english and we can not understand anyone ... but we are here! We are about to try to check into a recommended hotel, and then seek out the translation agency nearby ... luckily the hotel allowed us internet access (remember dial-up?) before we checked in, which allowed us to get some much needed information from our email inbox that we forgot to copy out beforehand. The drive in was amazing, although the driver shook us around a lot. More later, when we have...

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Apr 11, 2005 - Chadan Ustuu Khuree temple (photo)

Once Tuva's Buddhist spiritual centre, reconstruction has stalled and the sad, mud-wall ruins still sit lost in woodland accessed via tracks from un-paved the Bazhin-Alaak road. But every June or July the site is the venue for Tuva's top music festival - check out www.ustuhure.ru/photo.htm for lots more photos and details of what's happening (in Russian). The idea is to raise funds for further construction. It's the safest time to visit this cute but infamously lawless town.

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Apr 8, 2005 - Kyzyl

I'm back in Buddhist country, here in Tuva with a strong Shamanistic element. Maybe I'm finding a Buddhist-style detachment. Maybe I'm feeling a mystical faith in magic that emanates from this place of primal energies. Or maybe coincidences just happen a lot whenever I'm here. I don't want to get too new-agey. But certainly 'feeling' Tuva seems to really pay dividends. Kyzyl, Tuva's concrete capital, isn't beautiful. But the surrounding steppe is mesmerizing. Yes there are active Shamen. But they work in cooperatives, rather like doctors in...

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