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Sep 29, 2018 - Yekaterinburg - Aftermath of the Revolution

Yekaterinburg - Founded in 1723 by Peter the Great and named in honor of his new wife, Catherine. Perhaps this is the best place to mention the 101st anniversary of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath. An event by which Russia is defined by much of the west. I remember Yalta. The Tsar's summer retreat. Sweet pictures of the family. The girls - Tatiana, Olga, Maria, and young Anastasia. The Church on the Blood is on the site of their murders. For more on the various conspiracy theories that suggest one of them might have survived you...

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Jul 28, 2017 - 28th July - Yetakeringburg

Started the day with breakfast to give us energy for the day ahead. We set out at 9.30am on what is advertised as a 2-hour tourist walk. We arrived home at 6.30pm - 9 hours after we left. It was a fabulous day. We spent 3 hours at the Boris Yeltsin Museum. This was 2 floors of interesting articles, videos, photos. All sorts of information. A lot of work had been done to translate displays into English. I suspect we would still be there if it was all in English - there was so much information. Fascinating. Friday (and Saturday) are the...

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Jul 27, 2017 - A day with the Romanovs

Today was a long day Up at 6am to wash clothes in the bathroom handbasin (as you do when you are travelling) The best breakfast in the world - this hotel has breakfast heaven. Fruit. Yoghurt. Blini. Condensed milk. Fresh (real) orange juice. What more could you want?! There was a lot more on offer, and it was all good. We were picked up at 9am for our tour. We stopped the Asia/Europe border. We were the only ones here. We took lots of photos. Our guide produced a bottle of champagne to celebrate, and awarded us with certificates saying...

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Jul 26, 2017 - Still on the train

Another full day on the train. More relaxing. More looking at beautiful countryside. We had lunch in the dining car on the train - Russian menu Exploring the occasional railway station. This lovely lady looked after us for the whole trip. Final arrival in Yekaterinburg after 55 hours on the train.

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May 19, 2014 - Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg (also known as Ekaterinburg) We really liked this city. We were met at the train station by an semi-English speaking university student. Because the hotel was across from the station, she was hired just to guide us from one to the other. However after dragging our bags up and down a million stairs and trundling over uneven pavement for half a kilometre, we were once again knackered when we reached the Marins Park Hotel. Lonely Planet says this hotel used to be a Soviet era disaster zone. However, the hotel is being remodelled...

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Oct 26, 2013 - Days 67 to 70 - Yekaterinburg (Russia)

Arriving in Yekaterinburg on the evening of Tuesday 22nd October, I found the hostel easily, although it was much smaller than I expected. The hostel only opened in May 2013 and is definitely a work in progress. Unfortunately, there was no heating, but the dorm was heated by a small oil radiator, which was enough. I was in a dorm of five which, bizarrely, consisted of one “normal” bunk bed and one bunk bed with a double bed below; this was occupied by a Russian couple and, luckily, I did not have the bed above them! The hostel is in a...

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Oct 22, 2013 - Days 65 & 66 - Train from Moscow to Yekaterinburg (Russia)

So, the day has finally arrived…the Trans-Mongolian trip is here. After a quick breakfast, it was back onto the Moscow metro and off to Yaroslavsky Station to catch the 12.45, train number 008 to Yekaterinburg. After managing to find the correct platform, it was onto the train and sort my stuff in the kupé. I was soon joined by a young guy, who could not speak a word of English. Later, before we left Moscow, a couple of business type chaps arrived and promptly disrobed before getting into the top bunks and off to sleep! That seemed like...

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Sep 11, 2013 - Train Day 2 - Vladimir to Yekaterinberg

Our first full day on the train, passing through Vladimir, Nizhny Novgrod (Gorky), Vyayka (Kirov), Balyezino, Perm2 and Yekaterinberg. We had breakfast in the Russian restaurant car, then enjoyed a relaxing day with a couple of platform breaks, where I managed to snag a patriotic Soviet mug. The scenery here is basically forest - birch and pine trees - which the Russians call "Taiga". Dinner was noodles....with Chinese beer and Russian vodka.....

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Trip Journal

Trans Siberia 2013

Jun 20, 2013 - Yekaterinburg

We didn't have to be up early next day (luckily) as our train departed in the late afternoon. It was just as well as the day dawned wet and miserable. The rain kept up a steady drizzle for most of the day. We had a leisurely breakfast before checking out. Took a last stroll around down town Novosibirsk (in the rain) before finding a pleasant cafe for lunch. Then back to the hotel to collect our bags for the walk back to the station. By this stage, thankfully, the rain had stopped. At the station we found the departure board and waited. Five...

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Aug 7, 2008 - Ekaterinburg

We have arrived in Asia. Our stay in Europe was brief, but eventful. Now Asia. The train ride was a piece of cake. We got on the train around 11PM in Nizhny Novgorod. We had a very nice day of walking around in the rain and taking pictures, in the rain, of the Kremlin. We also bought our very first souvenirs from our trip: authentic Russian umbrellas. It is about time that Kara bought me an umbrella because she broke my last one after using it once. (Kara says that she disputes this incontrovertible fact.) The Russian umbrellas are made out...

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Aug 6, 2008 - TSR (III): Part Three

DAY 23-24: TSR - Novosibirsk to Yekaterinburg At Novosibirsk, we realized that we would not have the compartment to ourselves. Instead we had to share with two guys .... two smelly guys. They did not speak English and we could not figure out what language they were speaking!! It became apparent that they could speak Russian, but we could understand very little of that. They infringed on our space a little more than we were comfortable with too ... no one else had ever tried to sit on our bunks or use the table. So much of this trip was...

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Apr 16, 2008 - Yekateringburg (Russia) Trains, Trains and....... well... Trains! Oh and beer!

So I left Irkutsk with a heavy heart. I had enjoyed the company during my stay and felt I could have stayed longer. But alas the world awaits!! Got to the station with no issues and found my carriage and cabin easy enough, but did feel very alone! An old man was in my cabin also but he moved once we took off, probably complained to the provodnitsa about smelly feet or something. Either way it was an amicable divorce. I'm sure I was doing as much for him as he was doing for me!! Two happy little train riders! I just wrote about 30 mins worth...

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