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Aug 30, 2007 - Arrival and Orientation

Well, I'm finally here in Russia, a country I've been dreaming about for months now. After a long but uneventful flight (except for a beautiful sunrise over Ireland and experiencing that incredible British pleasantness on the plane and in Heathrow) I touched down at Pulkovo 2 airport in St. Petersburg. After sitting in an exhausted haze for two hours in Pulkovo's diminutive terminal awaiting our straggling group members, we finally boarded a bus that looked like it had been airlifted straight out of Woodstock in 1969, dropped here, and...

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Jun 5, 2007 - St. Petersburg - it's the monuments

Moscow was the Soviet capitol for 70 years of Communist rule. St. Petersburg, however, was the Tsarist capitol for over 300 years. And they were rich! That explains it all. Moscow is still rather drab and bleak. But St. Pete is very 18th century with grand palaces with gold painted accents built along its river and canals. It has a much more European flavor because German and Italian craftsmen were hired by the Tsar to build the many palaces. But it also has the feeling of a young, lively city with a new sense of wealth and commercialism.

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