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Jul 16, 2010 - Peterhof- East Side

I'm not even going to distract you with a narrative. Go look at the pictures right now! And you'll see why Peterhof is one of my favorite places on earth. Oh, and here's an excellent website, where I learned a lot about Peterhof and its fountains. Again, you may want to wait and do this when you have a couple hours to kill, as it's pretty extensive. Make sure you follow all the links and little arrows at the bottoms of the pages: http://www.ticketsofrussia.com/peterhof/

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Jul 16, 2010 - Peterhof- West Side

So all that walking has made us HOT. We get some tea to cool off, and we didn't know what kind it was, we just pointed to the purple one. I sip it, and would you believe...it's AGUA JAMAICA!!! In Russia!!! For you non-Mexicans, "jamaica water" is what they call hibiscus tea in Mexico, and it's one of my favorite things to drink when I'm down there. Never in a million years did I think I'd be drinking it in Russia. And man, does it do the trick...did I mention how freakin' HOT it is outside? Unfortunately, we can't go inside just yet! Right...

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Jul 28, 2009 - Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace, or also called Petrodvorets between 1944 and 1997, is the summer palace began by Peter the Great. His vision was to create something like Versailles, but more wonderful. It is right across the Gulf of Finland from St. Petersburg, and since St. Petersburg was his city of canals, Peterhof was his Versailles on the water. He incorporated fountains everywhere. These fountains are special, and I will elaborate in a bit. The city and palace together are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To get to Peterhof, it’s possible to drive or...

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Aug 28, 2006 - Russia: St Petersburg

So finally I arrive in Russia after a hr super fast train ride on one of Helsinski's fast trains. It's odd coming here after hearing so much negative about Rusification of so many countries I jsut visited. On the train imigration officers boarded and the whole process with quite plesant and efficient even though not one of the officers ever smiled. It was a nightmare ( as i thought it might be) trying to find the hostel. The taxi driver made numerous stops asking people.. No one had heard of it. We found the gate but the buzzer didn't...

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May 31, 2005 - Irkutsk to St. Petersburg, Russia

If you want to experience a whole other dimension, come to Russia because there is no other place on earth like this one. Let's just start off with our three day train ride. They usually put the foreign guests in their own train section, so that gives everyone a "false" sense of security. On the first day Melissa and I enter the train and just go to our compartment, but the folks after us get bumped by three big guys coming out of one of the compartments. It is just seconds before they realize they are missing money and credit cards out of...

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