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Aug 19, 2008 - Omsk

Ayer a medianoche atrevesé los Urales, estoy en el medio de la Siberia, en la ciudad de Omsk. Aquí sólo estoy cambiando de trenes, llegué a la 1:30 y salgo a las 9:30. Estas 8 horas están siendo un tiempo más que perfecto para una parada después de un viaje de 30 horas y antes de otro de 40; esto es, he podido conseguir un hotel de tránsito (komnaty otdykha), bañarme y afeitarme, cambiar dinero, comer muy bien y completamente en un buen sitio, comprar víveres con ya la experiencia del día anterior (esto simplemente significa que ahora...

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Aug 8, 2008 - Omsk

Dear Readers, We have now made it to Siberia. We are in Omsk, which Kara and I are using to basically break up our trip to Irkutsk into a few days. There isn't too much to say about Omsk because there isn't too much to do in Omsk (though it is fun to say). Tonight, we travel on to Novosibirsk which is the capital of Western Siberia and the largest city in Siberia. It is also where the total eclispse of the sun was one week ago. So, there's that. Our trip from Eketerinburg to Omsk was relatively short. It took about 14 hours, but we spent...

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Jul 29, 2008 - Omsk

Most of the day as tourists in Moscow. Flight leaving at 11 pm. Moscow is very cool(in the teens centigrade), overcast and even rain. The big temp change seems to have brought on a cold - sore throat, runny nose...complain, complain, ha! Anyway, we met several people from Spain and two from France going to the eclipse who are staying at Napoleon Hostel as well. Starting to get really into this thing. We went out to get in line for viewing Lenin in his mausoleum but the line was too long and by 12:30 they closed it off, no more would be...

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Jan 14, 2008 - омск (omsk)

Just passing through on our way to Tomsk. Wasn't possible to get a ticket straight from Tobolsk. Managed to get tickets to Novosibirsk within the hour so had to run for train. Finger freakin froze. From Novosibirsk we hope to get train or bus tickets to Tomsk, since it's not so far away. Marijn & Renate

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Trans-Siberian/ Asia

Jul 26, 2005 - The worst and best day on the train.

So I woke up this morning, hoping for a fresh start with my new roomies. They were still quiet. The mom wasn't a mean looking lady, but her son was driving me nuts. She let him get away with everything. So feeling tired and peeved again, I ate breakfast and sat back to read Sahara, for the second time. It was around 11am, when I looked up at Misha in the top bunk accross from me. He was making some strange noises (as usual), but this time I noticed his little hand was clenched kind of funny. It took me a couple of seconds to register what...

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May 7, 2005 - Novosibirsk to Omsk

The atmosphere on each train ride varies enormously according to one's companions. Occasionally one simply pays for the sheets, makes up the beds and off everyone goes to lie down without so much as a pot of noodles. Other times sleeping is more of a challenge. One evening the carriage was full of excitable school kids heading for a swimming competition. It was the first expedition to a big city for many of them and they whispered and giggled all night - somehow much more disturbing than the gruff trainload of muttering soldiers on a...

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Nov 14, 2004 - Omsk, Siberia: Week 1

Saturday, November 13th: My roommate, Rachel, and I arrive in Omsk early in the morning. We are greeted at the airport by our host organization advisor, Svetlana (Sveta). She greets us in all Russian and we very soon realize that she does not speak ANY English. We again realize our baggage is practically bigger than the taxi, as we load up for the 10 minute drive to our host family's house. It is totally dark at this point, and hard to see the city, but it looks like a pretty decent sized city. We get to our host family site- it looks like...

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Sep 18, 2004 - On Train Passing Omsk

9-18 Been on the train now out of Yekaterinburg past Omsk for close to 24 hours and the countryside has not changed: fields - dark, rich looking soil, small villages, birch woods and more birch woods, standing water - must get a lot of rain or land is naturally wet lowlands (Kansas?), with birch forests everywhere. Russia has its trains like we have interstate highway system. All electric, quiet, and efficient. Haven't seen many bicycles as yet, but roads are for the most part unpaved/rutted. The two things which strike me most about the...

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Jul 1, 2004 - Transsiberien - passage par Omsk

La vie se passe tranquillement dans le transsiberien. Au fur et à mesure que nous avançons en Sibérie, nous ajustons nos montres pour prendre en compte le décalage horaire ; une heure par ci, une heure par là, qui en feront cinq à la fin du voyage. Nous nous laissons lentement porter vers notre destination, avec tout le temps pour lire, discuter, et penser au voyage. On a rarement cette sensation précieuse d'avoir tout son temps, sans rendez-vous ni contrainte.

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