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Sep 27, 2009 - Sighetu and the Iza Valley

Travelled on overnight sleeper train from Sighisoara to Sighetu; the rhythm of the tracks clickity-clack does have a lullaby melody to accompany the rocking of the train. Oh, and lest you think it was a deep slumber rest assured it was NOT. Not bad mind you, but not like the Four Seasons Hotel. In route we passed thru, you guessed it, Brasov ! During a 30 minute layover I 'talked' with a overalls clad railroad worker. When I mentioned having lived in Canada he reached into his pocket with grease stained fingers and oh-so happily/proudly...

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Aug 27, 2008 - Vadu Izei, Romania

August 27 Maramures Today was a very long travel day (approx. 9 hours). Early in the morning, we departed by bus from Eger to the pleasant town of Debrecen (approx. 3 hours). While there, we had time to explore Deri Square with its fountains and colourful buildings before continuing on by train and private vehicle to Romania (approx. 6 hours). It was quite an interesting trip. First, we had to walk to the metro station with our heavy luggage. As usual, I have the biggest pack (about 43 lbs.), except I think Brad's even tops mine because he...

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