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Jun 29, 2004 - D: Arrival in Romania

Hello Friends! We've covered a lot of territory since we last updated from Bucharest. We spent 10 days in Romania and 6 in Hungary, so this update will include both countries in 4 entries. Since we don't divide up the writing chronologically, I'll outline our route so you don't get too confused, or perhaps to confuse you more. We started in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. We headed north towards Transylvania and spent 2 nights in Sinaia, a small town in the mountains, then continued north to Brasov. We then headed west to Saliste, a...

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Jun 18, 2004 - Who loves trains?

İ'm back! Pardon any keyboard errors or funny letters, but these keyboards ın Turkey at driving me nuts! İ can't type as quıckly as I would like and keep making mistakes. Last time I checked in I was in Prague. After taking Niall (İ swear he told me his name was Nigel-it was loud!) to sushi on Monday nıght, I boarded a train to Bucharest. I had quite the adventure. I had a lovely sleeper car all to myself. My train left at 11:30pm and was supposed to take 25 hours. Mind you this ıs only the halfway point! I fell asleep immediately and was...

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Sep 19, 2002 - Romania - train cross country

Day 50 Thursday 19 September Romania/Bulgaria - Overnight train to Sofia Im nearing the end of my trip - lucky really cos Im getting close to the end of this book. lots has happened in the last 2 days - well um not much but theres been a general change in thought for me. Missing home, friends, comforts, the english language and feeling at ease on the streets - never thought Id say that about the UK - Im normally terrified of yobs. So Breakfast I woke up at 9ish in North Romania Iosef's house. Grig got me food. Big portions once again. I...

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