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Dec 20, 2006 - CHICLAYO, Peru

...from Lima we travelled for a combined total of about 12 hours to get to the town of Chiclayo. On a reccomendation of our taxi driver in the capital who said it was a nice town, ¨maybe even spend christmas there¨ we arrived, decided that neither of us were overly impressed and decided to move on the following day...

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Jan 2, 2006 - Up to Chiclayo

Today has not really gone to plan. We got up super early, well 6ish, to get an early bus further north. Unfortunately we found ourselves trapped in the hostal for 20 minutes as I locked the key in the room and the front door couldn't be opened without it. Danny was fuming at me which made me want to laugh more and more. I only dared point out the funny side of it once we had raised the owner from her bed with banging and shouting. The bus terminal we headed to had moved so we then had to hotfoot accross town to the new one, just missing...

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Sep 29, 2005 - Chiclayo

Hallo Zusammen Chiclayo ist meine erste richtige Station in Peru. Wir mussten zwar in Piura den Busterminal wechseln und deshalb ein paar Minuten der Strasse entlang wandern. (Was wir aber auf Anraten des Wächters auf dem Busbahnhof erst nach Tagesanbruch machen durften.) Viel gesehen haben wir dort aber noch nicht, doch das Leben war unverkennbar hektischer geworden. Viel mehr Leute unterwegs, die Strassen voll von Mototaxis, Bussen, Taxis und Gehupe überall! Chiclayo ist ganz ähnlich. Es wimmelt nur so von Menschen und Taxis. Die Taxis...

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Ecuador - Chile

Jun 17, 2005 - Peru - Chiclayo

Chiclayo was founded in 1560s as a rural village by Spanish priests. The area is Peru's major agricultural centre and produces mainly rice and sugar cane, which can be seen everywhere. Chiclayo is also the 'Capital of Friendship' and there is an earthiness and vivacity about its citizens. Chiclayo is also a hub for visiting the surrounding archeological sites. One day we visited Lambayeque where there is the famous Bruning Archeological museum and the new Museo de las Tumbas Reales de Sipan. The new museum is housed in a massive building...

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Jun 14, 2005 - Peru: Chiclayo

It was a long and interrupted night bus journey to Piura in Peru, having to get off the bus too many times for police, customs and border checks. We arrived about 6hrs later then changed buses to get to Chiclayo, where we were headed to. The first thing that struck me was the complete change in scenery to Ecuador..we were driving down the coast and it was just desert, desert and more desert....nothing else apart from vast rocky sandy terrain - It actually made a change from mountains and green. Chiclayo is a commercial city and full of very...

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Jan 19, 2005 - What the hell am I doing in Chiclayo?

Ok,its Monday and as of my last journal entry I was wondering how I was gonna make it to this place..I picked Chiclayo because it is close to the beach, sounded somewhat interesting, and I have a friend here that I had made my last time in Peru. I took a 11 hour busride last night, on this 1st class, 2 level, wonderful, air conditioned bus...lots of leg room..only to make it to a town 3 hours north of here...slept the night in an overpriced hotel, and took a really, really annoying busride down here this afternoon. What makes these...

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