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Jan 9, 2005 - Peru, Trujillo

30-12-04 / 02-01-05 With my trip to Trujillo I have left the gringo trail. I see hardly any tourists in Trujillo, and the central square has no bars, restaurants, etc. The Plaza Las Armas is crowded with people, and the trees are all decorated for Christmas. The next day I wake up with the thought that I want celebrate Christmas alone, and see...in a shop I met a dutch couple who had been on the excursion to Salustani. We decide to spend the evening together. I take my excursion to the temple of the sun and the moon, remains of the Moche...

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Dec 22, 2004 - Trujillo & Huanchaco

The Beach Yay for the beach at last- the surf is pretty good, but the water is freezing and besides- I don´t surf. The weather is clear and mild, not a real summer or beach weather, but I am going to soak it up anyway. Huanchaco has the world´s fist surfer dudes who still ride out past the waves on their grass surfboards and then lay them out to dry before going out agin. They are quite a sight all strewn along the beach. They will even let you go with them for about a dollar. The Peruvians are really very friendly here and I had a jam...

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Dec 3, 2004 - Trujillo

The weekend to Trujillo started with an 11pm bus journey on friday night, once again in those amazingly comfy buses, cost about 13gbp for an 8hr journey. think within 5mins I was out for the count, the guy came round and woke me up twice to give me a blanket and then a wee ham and cheese croissant- which i saved for breakfast! Basically slept all night, woke up every now and again to the sound of my beach house tunes in my ears. Arrived in Trujillo about 8am, and then had to queue to buy the return ticket for Sunday night- for some reason...

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Kirsty RTW '04/'05

Nov 7, 2004 - Huanchaco, Temple of the Sun and the Moon

Huanchaco, site of the famous Temples of the Sun and the Moon. Built by the mysterious Chmu sometime in the past, we had read great things about them. After the hedonism of Mancora it was time to return to a more culturally-appreciative behavioural mode so we made the trip down the coast to see for ourselves. The temples are made of mud bricks, which as any aspiring religious cult leader knows is not nearly as impressive as stone. And sure enough, El Nino had flooded the place regularly over the centuries making for a less than impressive...

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Nov 2, 2004 - Trujillo and Huanchaco, Peru

Another bus ride, this time along the coast, brought us to Trujillo. This time the movie was a Clint Eastwood something or other (I had no trouble sleeping through this one) and the view from the bus looked remarkably like the scenery in the movie. It was so much of a wild west scene that in one village we passed through a dust storm kicked up and sent some of the sheet metal rooves flying. We first went to the coastal town of Huanchaco, famous for the fisherman who ride the reed boats that have been used since the ancient times. We paid a...

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Oct 16, 2004 - Trujillo

Today we are tired, as a couple of dogs have been whining and barking away just below our window all night. And when we complained about it, it was the neighbours dog and not the dog at our hostal that was barking... Strange that the neighbours dog is in their backyard... But, except for that everything is all good. Yesterday we went to see Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, as well as Chan Chan, just outside Trujillo. Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna means the temple of the sun and the moon and are remains of the Moche culture, the...

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