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Apr 30, 2008 - The first city of Panama

Headed out for another walk around Panama, planning to ultimately end up at Panama Viejo, the ruins of the first town of Panama. Ultimately I got fed up walking though the business district again though, so hopped the first bus I saw that said Panama Viejo on the front! There´s not really a great deal left of the ruins, in the main it is just foundations until you get to the Cathedral sector, where a bit more is left. It was a lovely walk though, and the visitor centre is good for the archaeology and history. Well worth it for something to...

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Apr 2, 2008 - To San Blas Islands

Wow! I hardly got settled in my room at Casa del Carmen and it was time for the 4 AM wake-up call and the 4:15 taxi to Allbrook airport (former air base when US had the Canal). I arrived at the airport before the doors opened and sat on the steps with my backpack and many Kuna Indians. You'll have to refer to photos to appreciate how exotic the women are. These are the people who sew molas. They are for sale all over Panama. At the third stop on Air Panama in the Archipelago de San Blas I arrived at Isla Porvenir (which rhymes with...

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Jan 2, 2008 - Panama: More than just a Hat

Copyright 2008 David Rich 1300 Words jdavidrich@yahoo.com $1 = $1 PANAMA: MORE THAN JUST A HAT Love those Panama hats, straw that can be rolled up, stuck in a back pocket and still lasts practically forever while being sat upon. I suspected there might more to Panama than a hat, and for a change I was right. My entry into Panama was accidental serendipity because I sailed into the San Blas Islands from Columbia, stumbling onto the best Panama has to offer, at least for those who adore pristine Caribbean Islands, one for every day of the...

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Dec 2, 2007 - Panama Canal

It takes an entire 9 hour day to traverse the Canal. We moved extremely slowly past the pretty jungles and hills of Panama. We were provided education and history of the building of the canal and amazed to learn that more than 27,000 lives were lost, mainly to Yellow Fever and Malaria, as the canal was constructed by the French, then by the US between 1880 and 1914.

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Nov 14, 2007 - Panama - San Blas Islands

After setting out from Cartagena on that yacht over 2 weeks earlier we finally made it to our intended destination, the San Blas Islands. These 365 islands stretch approximately 150 kms along the Panama Caribbean coast and only a few of them are inhabited. Although the islands are officially part of Panama they are governed autonomously by the local Kuna people with their own laws etc. Perhaps the yacht trip stood as an omen as the islands did not live up to their reputation for us. We didn't get to visit any islands other than the tiny one...

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Oct 21, 2007 - Cartegna to San Blas - PANAMA

Then back to cartegena, took a 31 ft sailing ship for two days and two nights then to the idyllic San Blas islands in Panama. Arrived in the san blas islands after two nights at sea, slept the first night on the boat and spent about 4 hrs fishing from the boat, though unfort only got one fish, one dropped off the line as was pulling it into the boat and one was too big to pull it..... Then to a guys house in one of the kuna (local indian) villages. Day trips to magnificant islands. Second night, me and helena got an island to ourselves...

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Jul 27, 2007 - PANAMA - San Blas Islands

Thursday 26th June Set off from Cartagena early morning after breakfast and a petrol stop. Federico the captain had his wife Claudia aboard and Marcella his girl friday. Just about had enough time to introduce ourselves to the French, Israelia and Argentinians who made up the rest of the group before we all went a little quiet and found a corner to lie down in as we hit open sea and quickly discovered that we had no sea legs. I sat up front taking on board the fact that we were heading out to the high sea on this tiny yacht which was...

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